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What are you currrently working on?


I'm working on learning The Rolling Stones - Dead Flowers for a jam later this week.



I'm just slacking off with playing guitar. Probably going to start playing daily again soon.


working on this bad boy

>Santo & Johnny - Sleepwalk


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Post music with sound design that blew you away when you first heard it



Charlie Darker & Far Too Loud - Nail Gun
>bass house

Haywyre - I Am You
>future bass

Void Settler - Her Naked Thin Glass-Made Clock
>industrial hardcore, glitch, IDM

The Outside Agency - Godspeed
>dubstep, industrial hardcore, crossbreed


Swell Maps - Big Maz In The Desert
Jandek - The Only Way You Can Go
Jandek - Green And Yellow

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What are some production "must haves" that every producer must have?


First off: a DAW that clicks with you, to ensure a swift workflow. Your ideas will be more finely detailed with ease and not lost in the process of working it out.

Second: basic production knowledge. These can be found all over the web. YouTube is especially handy for visual reference and visual learners.

These plugin types are a must-have for any producer IMO:

For creative use:
>wavetable synths
>subtractive synths
>additive synths
>FM synths
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File: 148676136115.jpg (45.37 KB, 736x460, big_thumb_f00a19d1f77a352c….jpg)


I found a great eleven year old music review website a few weeks ago and they have published reviews (a "menu") every full moon since 1996.

And ofcourse the when i go on it today (a full moon) they have annonounced a "permanent vacation". Just my luck



This looks interesting, I'm definitely going to check the music on here out.

Tough luck though OP, damn…

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I've had the flu for the last half week, and while you'd think being bedridden would be a prime music listening opportunity, I haven't felt like listening to anything, and the one time I did think about listening to music I was just feeling like maybe a little radio.

Is this relatable? Does being sick drain the desire to focus on music (or maybe anything) out of you?


File: 148416075378.gif (1.76 MB, 346x472, 4d9eb5d7205937c2e57fc6ea51….gif)

being ill is definitely not I time for listening to music, it's far too disorienting.

speaking of things putting you off music, I've been addicted to a local comedians podcast which is great and has bumped off a lot of my music listening time. Has any musikians experienced this aswell?


No, not really, sick or not, I'm still listening to music.

I do however, cut the amount of time I listen, but that's because I get tired real fast when I'm sick.


Yeah, I used to like LPs a lot and that totally took away from my listening time


Depends on whether I have a headache or not. Bass in music becomes painful whenever I have a headache... and my speakers & headphones are beefy in bass.


It's not based on sickness for me but mood generally speaking

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What's my name?

...It's baby, ain't it?



I'm not sure why I made this thread, probably just for quoting/singing/yelling random lyrics



File: 148394702155.png (2.04 MB, 1000x1000, uploaded two tracks smalle….png)


Happy 2017 from The Musikians!

To celebrate the new year, here we present to you: uploaded two tracks! Wrap yourself up in a blanket, get some hot coco and enjoy the 74 minutes and 2 seconds of wonderful music spread over 21 tracks! It will be like the cherry on top of the pie for your holidays.

Download the album:


Soon to be on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and etc as always! Plus our YouTube channel will finally be updated again too!


uploaded to distrokid

should be on all of the streaming services in a few days



When's the thread for the 25th album coming? :)


File: 148288379939.gif (38.07 KB, 174x174, 025897b1a3ca8f3f4289cecf6d….gif)


What do you guys think about Painting With? My Animal Collective exposure has been only MPP and i'm really getting into this album.

On a specific album I love the technique in which one vocalist sings the lyrics and another 'echoes' it; it's really great in "Summing the Wretch" where the echo is placed just a bit later than expected creating an awesome offbeat funky-ness.


I'm going to listen to this soon, I'll share my thoughts on it after I do


i found this amazing drum cover of The Burgulars i thought I'd share

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Just post sad and/or pretty albums and shit that were able to make your cold hearts crack.
One in particular that did that to me was A Boy by Doji Morita. I'm surprised it's so unpopular.


Antlers - Hospice made me baww like a baby when I first heard it

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