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Submit to The Musikians' 25th album!

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>tfw suddenly can't log in to what.cd
Fucking kill me
Anyone else discovering music at a much slower rate than they used to?
Mumu's long gone, last.fm is fucking worthless
I don't really talk about music with people at all these days
Don't really know what new music sounds like
Seems like it's all trap music
Any cucks left from the old days?
What have you all been listening to?
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Good, been living with the gf.
Playing piano everyday.
Just got out of the hospital a bit ago.
Hospital put me in debt I'm trying to get out of.
Planning on moving to Philly next year.
Getting gentrified out of PDX.
Been getting real organized lately.
Trying to escape poverty.
Hard to navigate my way out.
Just trying to work on maintaining constant self improvement.


Shit man, what happened?


File: 14679572129.jpg (298.07 KB, 960x1280, IMG_0304.jpg)

Rhabdomyolisis actually, lol
I was in for a few weeks


>Rhabdomyolysis is a serious syndrome due to a direct or indirect muscle injury. It results from the death of muscle fibers and release of their contents into the bloodstream.

Daym niguh, sounds serious.
U better start a garage sale to pay for them hospital bills.
or just flee the country


I was thinking about this very thing today. Personally it feels like im trying to force myself into liking albums when you cant do that. Sometimes you just find a right album with the right feel at a juncture in your life that just stays with you forever.

I.e. we must take into account the chance factor that led us to falling in love with a certain band or album

File: 146638470288.jpg (741.15 KB, 1000x1000, The Musikians TCotSCIEX do….jpg)


It's finally here! Give it up for... drum roll... True Concert of the Southeast Composer's Incinerating Electrical Xylophone by The Musikians!

As always, let everyone know what you think of the album in this thread, and I'm looking forward to seeing the creation of the next release! A new thread will be created tomorrow.

Grab it here:

Previous thread: >>30413
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nice man, i like this direction. i thought it might have been yours because your tracks always have nice details in the drums.

who are some of your drummer influences?


Crystallography is just experimental techno.

I've been fiddling alot with polyrhythms. Inspired by african polyrhythms and haitian voodoo beats. All done on the modular.

This is just a demo. Releasing another EP in August, wich is filled with these experimentations.


modular voodoo polyrhythms, pretty cool man. keep us posted on the EP


File: 14674774933.jpg (210.25 KB, 1200x1200, A_Random_Drum_Kit_Taken_Fr….jpg)


I take a lot of influences from all sorts of bands and genres, but I've always tried to develop my own style, Back when I first started drumming there were 2 bands that I almost listened to every day, which are the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rammstein. Prior to drumming I used to play the recorder. at the final day of practice, we got word that we'd have a live show of playing in front of people about a week and a half away, our back-up for that show was an orchestra. After we'd done our show, the orchestra played some tunes, and we were allowed to play an instrument that wasn't occupied. I immediatly went to the bongo's thanks to Donkey Konga. The first thing that they noted about me was my sense of rhythm, based on that they thought I might like to be a drummer, so they asked if I wanted to join their junior orchestra, and they'd pay about 50% of my lessons the first years.

I was 10 when I had my first lesson of drumming, 2 years later I made my first own drum loop. My teacher said that it sounds very funk like, which is something I've continued to expand on, and still to this day has stayed with me, I guess Chad Smith has been a big influence now that I think about everything I just wrote. Even now, when I do warm-up exercises, there'll always be a funk rhythm in it, even though I don't play in a funk band, I still warm-up with funk, and just try to incorporate a funk-like groovy rhythm in our songs, while also keeping main focus on making sure it's fit for death metal.

As for the music I have made for The Musikians so far, there's no consistency, it mainly depends on the mood I'm in, and what I've been listening to prior, which resulted in some songs at first sounding very much like what I've listened to, before adding all sorts of elements and sounds, and making it something of my own, a distinctive style, but also leaving some trails of influence. There's all sorts of backtrackings to be made there, but one of my biggest influences is Trent Reznor, I'm a fan of his works, and the soundtracks he provides, back when I started with producing in 2014, I was really in love with Closer's drum beat, a few projects that I had used a recreation of that beat. But, the pool of influences is a lot bigger for musikiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Don't know where else to put this on musikchan.

A gig i did 3 weeks ago.

File: 146638170638.jpg (62.72 KB, 620x413, ITGONRAIN.jpg)


>tomorrow in NL, the longest downpour of rain in 20 years is very likely to occur

Music for this feel?


so is that happening right now?

did it live up to the hype?


It's happening right now and hasn't stopped raining since this morning. Dunno how much longer it will last.



File: 146595135262.jpg (28.56 KB, 225x225, image.jpg)


>this was my favourite album of 2015
what do you think guys?


File: 146603470388.jpg (128.4 KB, 560x560, fidlar too.jpg)

Listened to the first 4 songs of this today, I actually dig it. Going to check out the rest later this week, and from what I've heard, I can definitely see how this is a good album.

Pic related is my favorite from 2015


File: 146603552746.jpg (227.26 KB, 1000x1000, .jpg)


Seasick Steve plays a funny custom single-stringed guitar, made from a washing board. It sounds pretty good, despite the obvious limitations coming with having only one string to play on.


Babyland are two crazy guys doing synthpop/EBM. One on a Moog synth, the other drumming on scrap. Actually pretty cool when you get used to the drumkit.


This glam metal band thought it was a cool idea to use a chainsaw. I'm torn between it being genius and hilarious, because it actually sounds musical. Must have been a hell for the audio engineer to mix in properly.


Not crazy enough? This Soundgarden song is all about spoons and really proves you can use anything you want as an instrument.


If you want a band that plays some weird instruments I recommend checking out the band Walk Off The Earth, they're pretty talented and I've seen them live, but it really isn't my type of music, I do respect their way of making music with odd instruments, it makes them a stand-out for sure.


To those of you heavily into classical music:

What drew you to classical? Was it something that you came around to or something that you always loved? Recently I've found I prefer listening to 'heavier' music, and often turn off my CD to listen to the classical radio station, but in terms of how to pursue it as an actual interest... I'm lost. Are there any books/online resources you'd recommend for tracing classical music.

I assume that (moreso than for more modern, poppier genres) for classical understanding and context are a lot of the time key to enjoyment, and so music history is important. But, maybe you have a different approach?


I am not big into classical music, but the song sonata you've posted is my #1 song EVER. If someone asks me what my favorite piece of music is, it is that, without hesitation.


Get yourself a used copy of Arnold C Schonberg's "Lives of the Great Composers." If you know more about these guys, you will instantly appreciate their work more than if you are listening to it with no context.

Also, if you like heavy stuff, you should listen to some romantic era. I also prefer heavy stuff, so I first got into the music of Tchaikovsky, who has some really powerful and dark sounding music. I also like tense tonalities with a lot of chromaticism mixed into my more standard tonalities, which you can find mixed in the music of Bach and Mozart.

Don't force yourself to like anything. Find one piece you like, then read about it and find some related pieces.

vid related, one piece i can remember having an appreciation for early on. dat longing melody, heavy orchestration, and contrast with the joyous section of music


Of course, I wouldn't try to force myself into it if I didn't like it, but I feel like it's both a window to understanding music theory better, music history better, and appreciating music better overall. Plus, I'm honestly sort of sick of listening to pop/rock recently it's me, not you unless it's Beefheart or Tim Buckley. I'm gonna pick that book up somewhere though.

The classical board on reddit seems to have some not useless resources on entry into classical for the record

File: 146485074310.jpg (34.12 KB, 480x480, he only cares about dogs.jpg)


What media player do you all use? I downloaded a very big file that ups really awkwardly into iTunes and need some app where I can reorganise the individual files as I need to, can anyone rec something?
pic vaguely related since it's probably going to take hours to organise properly ;-;7
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Music Bee all the way


File: 146509461617.png (461.69 KB, 1916x1035, FOOBZ.png)


File: 146528400733.png (122.37 KB, 1017x658, Foobar.png)



>tfw lower caste of mac user


so little activity on musikchan lately, is EVERYONE depressed right now? Feels music thread
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I'm occupied with work right now and a little too messed up on antidepressants to want to interact, sorry. I should be a-okay in 2 weeks, that's when my training ends, I start working part time and side effects should calm down.



This fucking album is a 10/10


yes that is a good album


Depression is the time to make and listen to music for me. With more energy and desire for interaction I can come here.




File: 146417751049.png (3.89 KB, 500x500, monstercat.png)


Opinions on Monstercat?

They're a pretty generic EDM label, but some of the artists are surprisingly enjoyable. Varien, Far Too Loud and Pegboard Nerds are my kinda jams, no shame here.


I didnt know them at all until you told me about them. I especially enjoyed the Varien that you suggested. I have been craving some more electronic music lately. Maybe you can recommend some more.



ITT post albums you loved years ago that you haven't listened to in a long time, why you liked it then and if you still enjoy it

>Silver Jews: Starlite Walker
>Liked it because I liked Pavement and thought the songs were great for driving around with (they are). Thought the twangy, almost country sound was really weird and interesting, and they owned it.
>Still really fucking like it. Haven't listened in three+ years and the thing occurred to me earlier when I revisited Slanted and Enchanted. The whole album is banger, and frankly the songs have much more going for them than the (imo now) cheaper quirky poppers of Pavement. Still think that guitar sounds great and really weird. Lyrics are stronger than I remember.


>Have a Nice Life: Deathconsciousness
>Liked it because it was edgy, mucore, postrock/shoegaze and very sentimental so it ticked all my boxes. Interesting soundscapes
>Still like it but I can see now that it's a lot weaker than I thought it was before. A lot of blank space on here, epicness for epicnesses sake without much substance. Still, interesting sounds even when it doesn't go anywhere at all, and some really brilliant songs on here.


Metallica - Black Album

It's the album that got me into metal and harder music. I used to like it because it simply sounded kick ass. I forgot about it as soon as I got into death metal and industrial, but later I returned to it and realized it was actually fairly well-crafted... and still pretty kick ass.

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