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Check out the latest album from the Musikians!!

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Goddamn 1959


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>not 1973


Relistening to Black Saint And The Sinner Lady a few days ago, and it's absolutely my least favorite Mingus. Why's it so popular? It seems a lot less intimate than the other ones I've heard, the big band style kind of makes it seem anonymous. I dunno musikchan, what do you think?


Been listening to a lot of jazz that has left me underwhelmed, actually… I checked out the Mahmoud Guinia/Pharoah Sanders collaboration "The Trance of Seven Colors" and felt their styles didn't really blend. Listened to this (https://www.allmusic.com/album/bill-mchenry-quartet-feat-paul-motian-mw0000694939) with high hopes thinking it'd be a super spacey Ornette Coleman deal, but it sounded kinda sloppy and lazy to me somehow. On the other hand, I've been enjoying Jimmy Giuffre, George Russell, and was surprised how good this was (https://familyvineyard.bandcamp.com/album/and-thats-the-story-of-jazz)

Any recs or opinions on any of these albums/artists?


>2 album wonder

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Academic, classical and experimental only, early edition.

Favourite artists?
Favouite works?

Genius or just a pretty face?
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Opions on Vladislav Delay?


Lets not forget Morton Subotnick



Who invented electronic music?
What was the first recorded piece?


Not telling you


>Who invented electronic music?
Depends how you define 'invented'? Whoever made the first electronic based instrument or the one who intentionally made a banger with it?

>What was the first recorded piece?

Schaeffer I think

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Been enjoying a journey of ballet and opera of late, anyone else like either? Particular favourites?
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Every Saturday there are transmissions on the radio of operas, for me internet radio is the best way to discover new pieces. So check https://www.worldconcerthall.com/en/schedule-list/ and http://www.operacast.com/nextsat.htm for concerts and operas that are transmitted on the internet. My favorite opera composer is Janacek. The cunning little vixen is the most accessible work. Der Freischütz (The marksman) from Carl Maria von Weber is pretty good for beginners to opera. Also Salome is an absolute classic, nothing to fear there.


excellent recommendation. In NYC we have WQXR, which is the best classical station that I have heard.

They frequently broadcast performances from the Metropolitan Opera (among others)



Thanks, will check those out and scour the web for British ones too although it shouldn't really make much odds, wonder if there are Russian stations too.

>My favorite opera composer is Janacek. The cunning little vixen is the most accessible work. Der Freischütz (The marksman) from Carl Maria von Weber is pretty good for beginners to opera. Also Salome is an absolute classic

All cued up for when I get the time too cheers


Are there any ballets or operas NOT on youtube?

The music is nice and all but both really need to be seen, not just heard, especially ballet.


Copyright can be a bitch. It helps that the copyright filter is shit when it comes to classical music, the filter can't cope with live played music. But some labels and opera houses (Viennese state opera for example) take down videos when they find it. It's difficult to find operas outside the top 100 and staged versions on youtube are the exception, not the rule.

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Any fans or residents of countries south of the border, down Mexico way about?

Trad, regional and local styles only.



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DUDE WEED and Bieber have not given it a great rec but anyone else here like music from Central America, Caribbean and South America?

Local styles, not just pop/rock.


King Selewa & His Calypsions - Back To Mi Home

It was the sound of my summer.


Eduardo Mateo - Mateo solo bien se lame

It's a really comfy album from Uruguay with a whole bunch of Brazilian influences but still really smooth and nice.

File: 1531762951497.jpg (48.38 KB, 561x405, The-Trio-of-Doom-Havana-2.jpg)


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It's not a solo, there's fuckin random guitar chords and shit in the background. What melody it does manage to have is fuckin messy and rambling. If you like listening to random shit for forty minutes at a time, it's good for you. Giving droning noise a name like, "free jazz", doesn't elevate in anyway. I like something that I can actually remember two seconds later because it has some cohesion to it.


gotta say, i agree here. i like melodic stuff first and foremost. interesting harmonies are great, but they have to support a good melody. melody is king.


you have bad taste and you should feel bad


File: 1534860076384.jpeg (93.37 KB, 800x599, ctyp_hipster.jpeg)

If you consider liking postmodern drivel that doesn't follow any of the established musical structural principles that have been developed over the course of hundreds of years and anybody with even a rudimentary undestanding of music can appreciate good taste, then all the more power to you.


A theory nerd and someone who at least admits they're talking about taste argue about taste. They are arguing about taste and as such are both wrong.

I'm enjoying this, even after noticing the story behind it, which reveals that the bassist was fucking around and intentionally trying to ruin the performance. So yeah, definitely goes against theory. Pretty curious what that really implies though. No one can deny the usefulness, historical importance and objectivity of music theory, but I'll let anyone invested expand on that their own as it relates to taste in a meaningful way if they can.

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what are your top 3 favourite instruments.

>why for bonus points and a sweetie
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do you play in any alternate tunings?

I play in open G a lot. I find it extremely intuitive, but I can only really play in the key of G.


Piano. I've been playing it for years. It's versatility and, "cleaness", can't be beat. Piano is like music in its purest form, with no instrument characterization. Even when you listen to a harpsichord or organ, you feel like you're listening to the notes through a filter.


Wow, didn't think I would've got a response that quick, but yeah. I play in open D a lot. Didn't the stones use open G? I learned open D from playing Elliott Smith songs mainly, and maybe a couple Bob Dylan ones, like Corrina Corrina (his version of). Can't really say it's any easier, I'm probably just a shit musician.


yeah, the stones used open G, but I mostly play fingerstyle folk stuff

something like this


i have played in open G enough to really know the fretboard and my ear is attuned to what my hand should be doing. the only downfall is that i only play in the key of G.


Still waiting on my sweet OP

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We good to do this?
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Thanks for the dump, gotta check these out


reminder that turny is a god who's trying his best to keep this place alive


just sharing some choons


File: 1527616882827.jpg (4.33 KB, 263x192, images.jpg)

damn son, nice thread


Thanks for these dude, pretty funky

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I hope this is an ok place to post this, if not tell me.

I have a song I heard a long time ago, and only remember some of the lyrics, but can find them nowhere on the whole interweb, so perhaps the chan can help me out.

They are part of the chorous and go:

bring light to the darkness
sight/light to the blind, inspiration to the artist"

I might be mistaken, but I believe they are connected to an artist called "son of saturn" (or perhaps were just burned onto the same disc as his music (it was a long time ago)).

If anyone can help me out in any way, please do so.

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Guitar recommendations for 700 or less?
Had a steel string acoustic and an electric but I own neither now.
Would be open to a classical guitar as well.


I recently bought a Taylor Gs mini mahogany for $420 new. Then I paid $80 to have it professionally setup. It plays extremely nicely. The small size means less bass and volume, but that’s not a concern for me.

You could also look at Taylor 114ce, or if you wanna go even cheaper, academy series.

Make sure you buy from Sweetwater and ask for a discount. They will give you around 20% off no problem.

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