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>he likes classical music, but doesnt like Bruckner



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Musikchan should get more active again

Where do you guys currently talk about music?
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Either the Musikchan Discord or EDMP. I would post more here but bass music gets zero interest here



How is the discord? Is it worth joining?


Why doesn't musikchan try to actually make a thread at /mu/ that actually sticks? Musikchan is dead as fuck, and this isn't even about "quality > quantity", since MC has neither. Again, try to make yourselves a home over there at /mu/ (just a general is all we need) so that people stick to it. That's all we need, just a single thread of quality posters.


sad to see musikchan is almost dead
remember coming here in 2012


pretty sure I remember you

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Do you like experimental music?

Electronic, rock, whatever…
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Can we /glitch/ and /noise/ too?



What are the best labels for experimental electronic music?

I only know Raster-Noton.


Les Disques Victo
For 4 Ears
Erstwhile Records
Mille Plateaux


seconding Erstwhile
Also Sub Rosa, Empreintes Digitales, Extreme, Editions Mego and New Albion


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Post profiles, charts, whatever
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britty gud


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p cool
>Very Low
dude weed
>Very Low
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What gets the closest to this?


No idea, but Carlo Gesualdo was pretty interesting.

He caught his wife in bed with another dude and killed them both. His music is full of expressions of guilt and pain and is some of the most experimental music of his time period.



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Who are some artists who you feel like people gave up on over time for no good reason?

James Brown is consistent as fuck IMO (or at least was for longer than people give him credit), just people got tired of him doing similar stuff all the time

The Fall kept the same spirit as always, but people think being punk means guitars and don't understand how something can be deliberately ugly *via* embarrassing modern, corny production

Bob Dylan stayed strong, but people just associate him with his older style

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I have never listened to these guys before except for hearing Breaking the Law on Beavis and Butthead.

Please give me your recommendations. I will be posting my thoughts as I listen to each album.


I a big fan of Hellbent for Leather(I think its called Killing Machine in the UK). It straddles their early phase and their commercial phase


Hey OP, I was wondering what your opinions have been so far regarding your discovery of Judas Priest.

What albums did you like, which did you not like, and most importantly; Why is Tim 'The Ripper' Owens underrated?


I dig them for their lightspeed epic guitar solos. The best albums for that I find to be Painkiller and Ram it down, which has a pretty cool version of Chuck Berry's Johnny B. Goode.
Unleashed in the East is a pretty good live compilation

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What do you listen to when you want to get your groove on?

Funk, soul, bleeps, latin, whatever…
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Hi Guys!

As you can see, I'm desperate as hell. AS HELL.

Back in the day when I was young, happy, and hungry for music, I found that slow/electronic/alternative tune on YouTube. It was in first quater of 2013 (happy times), when YT was placing in suggestions some goode ones, very related to the things you watch, but NEW and FRESH.

My LEGENDARY GRAILL was a videoclip in which two girls were slowly dancing and flexing their bodies etc. - colours were mostly white and gray, and it all has a little bit of erotic flavor. It was rather a short song (2:30 - 3:15?)

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What are some of the best albums that have come out this year? I'm listening to pic related right now and enjoying so far
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Have you heard the new Bamboos album?


Not yet, its in my backlog but been too busy to properly listen to anything new lately.


I really enjoyed Bad Witch and what we have of the new Daughters record.


File: 1538650785522.png (2.91 MB, 1492x1655, 2018.png)

Slight change since June but not bad year once searched. Fair few to check out yet for that elusive 9th album…

1. Smoove + Turrell - Mount Pleasant

2. Lack of Afro - Jack of all Trades

3. Kaidi Tatham - it's a World Before You
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please go listen to this if you haven't

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