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Check out the latest album from the Musikians!!

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Greetings from https://mewch.net/b

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Do you think Kavinsky is overrated? I feel that like 90% of the songs he makes is painfully average and extremely similar structurally, yet he seems to be praised as the go-to synthwave artist. Now I really don't know much about the genre but if you OP have an opinion on it then I'd love to hear your 2 cents.




I definitely agree that Kavinsky is overrated. I've yet to hear anything that really impresses me on a compositional level.

That, and he's not good at mixing either. Especially Odd Look sounds bad.

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When one makes music, they face the choice to package it, present it- essentially objectify it- in an effort to assess its true value- or they could decide not to do that, retreat to their subjective relationship with their music, live in their fantasy, and, well, in a way, honor the music more because music ultimately exists to serve some subjective purpose anyway.

There are so many parallels here, too. Replace "makes music" with "listens to music" (consider last.fm, RYM). Hell, replace it with "relates to other people."

Help me musikchan with my slightly music related existential crisis- what is right? Is there a broad answer for all of this, or if not, how do you draw the lines?

[spoiler]a board called "chill" seems even less appropriate when taken literally, no?[/spoiler]


>music ultimately exists to serve some subjective purpose anyway
No. I refuse to believe that. You didn't actually ask a question. Make music because you enjoy it. Sell it if you want to make money on it. The monetary value of music is not an absolute judge of quality. It measures how much people want it. Lots of garbage music is in high demand. Don't draw any lines because lines are useless and restrictive. Drawing lines won't help you

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What are our thoughts on Clairo?
Serious, she has some actual music I like her old lo fi eps


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Does musikchan know about Lina Morgana, the artist that worked with Lady Gaga? Lady Gaga ripped her off and then she mysteriously committed suicide.



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Post music with sound design that blew you away when you first heard it



Charlie Darker & Far Too Loud - Nail Gun
>bass house

Haywyre - I Am You
>future bass

Void Settler - Her Naked Thin Glass-Made Clock
>industrial hardcore, glitch, IDM

The Outside Agency - Godspeed
>dubstep, industrial hardcore, crossbreed


Swell Maps - Big Maz In The Desert
Jandek - The Only Way You Can Go
Jandek - Green And Yellow


Anything Tipper
>Tipper - Lattice EP


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Does musikchan like the blues? What are some good albums to check out?
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Hard to get Robert Johnson recordings in high quality from that decade, they didn't even have FLAC desu


No love for Chicago Blues, like Junior Wells or Taj Mahal?


Not an album but I'll share one of my favorite blues songs


Written by Jimmy Cox in the 1920's, then recorded by Scrapper Blackwell circa ~1960. Something about this just sounds ahead of its time to me. I can't put my finger on what, maybe that it's very accessible?


my favourite blues album has to be
Skip James - Greatest Of The Delta Blues Singers


Chicago blues is good. The blues clubs in Chicago are still pretty fun too. I've got to say though, I'm not sure how to define Chicago blues other than that it's electric and from Chicago


You guys like Janis Joplin?

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any of you guys can give me your opinion for this style of music?



I hate it. Boring repetitive techno beats with no interesting motifs. There's no coherence. It just rambles. I guess the vaguely middle eastern elements is a tiny bit interesting, but everything else is so generic.

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Is there any other decent modern funk, soul and/or rhythm & blues?




Charles Bradley obviously, also

The New Mastersounds
The Mighty Mocambos
The Haggis Horns
The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble
The Soul Motivators
Hot 8 Brass Band
Martha High
Marta Ren & The Groovelets
Hannah Williams & the Affirmations
James Junior
Nitty Gritty Sextet
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What a wonderful album. I recently discovered Charles Bradley myself. Of course I always find them after they die.

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