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Post a screencap of your musicplayer and discuss
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hey firth


Lol, guilty as charged


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made the switch from default to columns UI. any suggestions?


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I use Spotify most of the time, but whenever I don't I use MusicBee. It's got everything foobar has too, except for changing the panel layout.


cool, one thing I used to like about foobar though is that you organize your music folder manually, and I thought that wasn't an aspect of musicbee. maybe I'm wrong though.
looks pretty good


Classic hip-hop/rap thread

Post it, get those jams flowing
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This is now a memphis thread



RIP to one of the greatest song writers of the 20th century.


wait what

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Hey guys, just wanted to shamelessly advertise my newly released split LP on FALK records.

I make music under the moniker AAIIEENN and my best friend makes music under the moniker Decanter.
C70 cassettes are for sale and a digital version of the album comes with the cassette.



There is a share thread, this thread is technically against the rules. I think the other one is a little buried so I'm going to leave this up as a general OC thread. Other admin people feel free to just ignore this tho heh


This is Hallmar, it's alright. That rule is to fend off hit and run threads.

I'm gonna listen after the weekend, looks interesting.


Yea i know, maybe i should've made the title of the thread "GENERAL OC THREAD".

Sorry for that guise...


my bad bro I had no idea


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New album, it's folky/psychy this time. Feedback and listens are greatly appreciated!


ITT: I'm just gonna leave this here

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Anyone can answer, regardless of skill level. Share your creative process and your process of realizing a track.

I'm experimenting with writing everything down, step for step. Here's a work of mine in progress right now:

After finishing this, I will start creating melodies and interpret chords from them. Once I have a start, I'll go from there. Most likely it'll be a melody similar to what the bands I've listed as influences make. From there, it will start to lead its own life.

Kudos if you just read that all in Spongebob's yelling voice.
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I agree with this in the sense that music that you grow up with and are exposed to shapes the music you write and implies its meaning in melodies or something as simple as a chord or note that recalls it, even just my virtue of having become associated with a note. So yeah, music does not exist in a vacuum, as it's defined by its relation music in general. But I think this is just a fact, and practice will allow you to utilize this better in your music, which doesn't prevent you from still having the attitude of a beginner's mind


I've never recorded anything really, but when I do make music it's usually just me messing around on my acoustic guitar until I find some chord progressions and fills I like, and then I just play around with different structures and variations until all that I'm left with is an avant-garde mess. I'm really pretty ok at the guitar, I'm kind of disappointed it never went anywhere for me. I might get more into finger picking when I have more free time in the future, I think a lot of my problem was that despite having some skill at the practical side of playing, when it came to creating tones and producing I had a tin ear.

With poetry I think I can explain your problem. With a poem, there are specific structures and devices that you've used to put the emphasis and emotions where you want them to be. If you want to put that to music, the music has to enhance these emphases or at least compliment them. Otherwise, it's no wonder it doesn't sound right. I think writing lyrics is different to writing poetry, try separating the processes and you may have more success in setting words to music. Think of why the instrumentals behind spoken word songs behave the way that they do.


Thanks, I'll take that into account. Although the instances where I can cross my mind through my music in such a way to create lyrics that work in context.


In terms of building a long term foundation of constant quality, one tip is to treat all levels of quality that you are producing the same. I.e you have a shitty song you have been working on for a while, and it's just not up to your standard. You also have one of your best songs where everything seems to come together. To develop a foundation of quality, treat both these with the same level of craftsmanship, I.e spend as much time on the sculpting process for each, which will inevitably bring the low quality output to the high quality output.

Do this for years, eventually they will be the same and you will be consistent.


>get idea for a track, usually from humming a melody i made up, or from improvising at the keyboard
>open up garageband on my phone
>create a section of music based on what i have so far
>decide on what part of the song that section is, i usually know because i have hummed the song a million times at this point
>start building the other parts. oftentimes with vocal works it is easier because the vocals guide the form
>always keep in mind where the song is going and where it has been, this helps with developing ideas
>usually i have ideas for the main sections of music, but the transitional sections and end are a bit tougher, so i have to work harder on these
>get tired of working on the song/decide it is done
>ideally put it into logic pro and pimp it out, but i dont always do this

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What do you think? Have pop and club stars replaced rock stars? Is being a rock star just a wild fantasy now?


I remember someone saying marilyn manson was the last rockstar


tbh I thought that this was already widely accepted

File: 147804126320.jpg (22.57 KB, 316x316, Smashing_Pumpkins_-_Mellon….jpg)


You've probably listened to The Smashing Pumpkins' Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness before, right?

But have you heard it in it's original vinyl track order?
>Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness was intended as a two-record set. The CD and cassette versions of the album are divided into two discs, entitled Dawn to Dusk and Twilight to Starlight. The vinyl version, however, is divided into three records with six sides, entitled Dawn/Tea Time, Dusk/Twilight, and Midnight/Starlight. The vinyl release also features two bonus songs ("Tonite Reprise" and "Infinite Sadness"), and a completely rearranged track order. In 2012 the album was remastered and re-released as a 6 disc edition, with 3 bonus discs of music and a DVD and also on 4 Vinyl LPs which contained the regular CD track order instead of the original LP order.

A common complaint about the double LP is that the songs don't really flow with each other (and that there's a lot of filler)- do you think it sounds better in the original track order?


Wait what? I'm going to do this and report back on it... whenever I get the time for it. Badabump.


i've only tried it once. It was honestly interesting - there felt like their was less filler in a way as the classics were more spread out in the album, if you know what i mean

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Is there an ios music playing app that can replace the stock one? I dont like being forced to integrate apple music which sucks balls


Well, there is spotify and other progs you see top scoring in app store, just because appul stock one sucks massive balls.But really tho, spotify is your best bet, if you're ready to pay 12 bux/month. Don't even think of using it without premium, it won't even let you choose a song(only shuffle)

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