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Check out the latest album from the Musikians!!

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Post music with sound design that blew you away when you first heard it



Charlie Darker & Far Too Loud - Nail Gun
>bass house

Haywyre - I Am You
>future bass

Void Settler - Her Naked Thin Glass-Made Clock
>industrial hardcore, glitch, IDM

The Outside Agency - Godspeed
>dubstep, industrial hardcore, crossbreed


Swell Maps - Big Maz In The Desert
Jandek - The Only Way You Can Go
Jandek - Green And Yellow


Anything Tipper
>Tipper - Lattice EP


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Does musikchan like the blues? What are some good albums to check out?
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Hard to get Robert Johnson recordings in high quality from that decade, they didn't even have FLAC desu


No love for Chicago Blues, like Junior Wells or Taj Mahal?


Not an album but I'll share one of my favorite blues songs


Written by Jimmy Cox in the 1920's, then recorded by Scrapper Blackwell circa ~1960. Something about this just sounds ahead of its time to me. I can't put my finger on what, maybe that it's very accessible?


my favourite blues album has to be
Skip James - Greatest Of The Delta Blues Singers


Chicago blues is good. The blues clubs in Chicago are still pretty fun too. I've got to say though, I'm not sure how to define Chicago blues other than that it's electric and from Chicago


You guys like Janis Joplin?

File: 1527764228486.jpg (5.43 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)


any of you guys can give me your opinion for this style of music?



I hate it. Boring repetitive techno beats with no interesting motifs. There's no coherence. It just rambles. I guess the vaguely middle eastern elements is a tiny bit interesting, but everything else is so generic.

File: 1526812764739.jpg (377.9 KB, 1200x1200, cover.jpg)


Is there any other decent modern funk, soul and/or rhythm & blues?




Charles Bradley obviously, also

The New Mastersounds
The Mighty Mocambos
The Haggis Horns
The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble
The Soul Motivators
Hot 8 Brass Band
Martha High
Marta Ren & The Groovelets
Hannah Williams & the Affirmations
James Junior
Nitty Gritty Sextet
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File: 1527651186066.jpg (202.75 KB, 1000x1000, artistthumb.jpg)

What a wonderful album. I recently discovered Charles Bradley myself. Of course I always find them after they die.

File: 1527485131453.jpg (130.4 KB, 600x596, 1527482895226.jpg)


Name of this fucking album?


>what is google translate

Yegor Letov - Tops And Roots

File: 1492005732108.jpg (53.71 KB, 500x497, Skrillex_9ae10d_2509562.jpg)


beep boop
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File: 1507506812204.png (2.66 MB, 1399x1399, ClipboardImage.png)

next level sound design



This is weird in a cool way




File: 1502286664818.jpg (203.99 KB, 1000x1000, 31443e9d9fd94db7cdcd35e897….jpg)


No black metal album compares.
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This is basically the beginning of that era. You'll love it.


I listened to about half of it today. I was surprised that the tracks were so long. The mixdown did make it a bit unpleasant to listen to, but overall very enjoyable. The first track had a shredding guitar solo, that was in a pentatonic style, like classic rock, but it did not sound at all out of place and I enjoyed it very much.


File: 1514838266394.jpg (20.42 KB, 225x225, Jesus_christ_superstars_al….jpg)

The ultimate industrial metal album. Everything else is shit in comparison.




It's good, OP, but it's not even the best Burzum album
Aske EP blows it out of the water

File: 1521646466488.png (1.79 MB, 2400x1352, ClipboardImage.png)


I heard all of that sick ass guitar on the new Musikians album, so I know there are some badass guitarists in here.

Lets talk guitar

>What guitars do you have?

>What style do you play in?
>Do you use any alternate tunings?
>What are your influences?
>What guitars would you like to have?


>What guitars do you have?

- I have a 2011 Taylor 110e, which was made in the US before they moved production of the 110s to Mexico and changed some of the materials. I have played a modern 110 and I thought mine sounded much nicer.

- I have a Yamaha FG700 that I keep at work and use it to practice on my lunch.

- I have a Yamaha Guitalele for shits and giggles. Its actually a really good instrument for what it is.

- And finally, I have a Gibson Les Paul Vintage Mahogany. Its a badass guitar, but I dont really play electric at the moment.

>What style do you play in?

- I play acoustic fingerstyle and Hawaiian Slack Key (which is also fingerstyle). Sorta like this:

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Wait, is this a history board too?


Yeah dude, just look at the dates on the posts on the last page


Anyone can play guitar

File: 1508822380257.jpg (38.19 KB, 640x360, dmitri-shostakovich-123376….jpg)


Top 5 classical composers


Favorite era


Hate to be a classical normie, but:

1. Bach
2. Tchaikovsky
3. Beethoven
4. Mozart
5. Brahms

Favorite era is Romantic, but Baroque is right behind it.


classical is one of the best genres to be a normie in, though. So, I hate to look contrarian, but my personal favorites are probably:


Modern era is obviously my favorite. I like the romantic era a lot too, though




File: 1526821763103.jpg (351.03 KB, 693x1024, 1524172953122.jpg)

the classical era is breddy gud


I just like chamber music tbh

File: 1514096947303.jpg (9.22 KB, 300x245, A-1618691-1416173017-6573.….jpg)


What's the worst pop song/trend you can think of? Firefly comes to mind for me.
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File: 1515990704323.jpg (83.44 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I hate faux, "8bit chiptune", music. These types of songs try to take advantage of people's nostalgia for old video game music. The people who makes this stuff think that they don't need to put in any effort if it's just beeps and boops. What they're either forgetting or ignoring is that that composers put in extra effort to make the most out of narrow technical limitations. This stuff not only doesn't even stay within the boundaries of those technical limitations, but they don't so much as make an effort to be listenable.
then: https://youtu.be/0cGvju-LMXo?list=PLCCOoHvw8epqL1yFqkhCR225-NExTv4NE
now: https://youtu.be/6bH-MdVCLWM


>What they're either forgetting or ignoring is that that composers put in extra effort to make the most out of narrow technical limitations. This stuff not only doesn't even stay within the boundaries of those technical limitations, but they don't so much as make an effort to be listenable.

I think this is an extremely important point. I remember reading articles about composers for the original nintendo and how they would have to push the chip to the absolute limit, and find all sorts of hack to get the sounds that they needed. I also used to own a nanoloop and working within the limitations of that could be quite challenging.

I listened to the second link in your post (pasted below for reference) and while some of the harmonies and melodies seemed to be pretty representative of 8 bit video game styles, the first thing I heard was a modulating acid bassline that would never have been possible on an 8 bit chip.



Thanks for the response. Yu-No came out in 1996 and the pc98 itself came out in 1982, before even the Famicom, and used the Yamaha YM2608 chip. I know very little about sound engineering, but here's the Wikipedia page for it.
I'm pretty sure that the system is considered 16/32 bit. Anyway, it still shows the massive difference in effort between what people produced back then and modern, "retro", music, which also often doesn't fit 8-bit parameters. The third link, which was for the pc-88, is probably closer to mark when it comes to comparable technical limitations.


Bubblegum-pop is the worst thing that has ever happened to music.


There is still good "chiptune" music being made (even though it's not actually chiptune anymore) But I definitely agree on what you're saying though.

some semi-recent albums that I think are actually really good:
she - coloris
starscream - future, and it doesn't work
anamanaguchi - dawn metropolis
sabrepulse - chipbreak wars
4mat - decades

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