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Submit to The Musikians' 25th album!

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I'm new to it but all my findings are extremely interesting. Anyways, post some good stuff you've found or made, maybe describe some of the little things you associate with certain tracks.


Here's my noise submissions to The Musikians, from earliest to recent:


I hardly listen to noise actually... the only noise track I like listening to is Masonna - Beast and whatever Iszoloscope does.

Vid is the track I like most by myself. It was inspired by supernatural horror movies. The track is pure improvisation, it's me exploring chords and harmony. I guess it worked because I had a very strong idea of what I wanted the track to be like. Too bad this all is so behind on my current production and theory level.


OP here
You know I really haven't heard all that much noise, but I never imagined it to be so structured and melodic, it's very nice. I was introduced with merzbow, so I'm of the mindset that whatever I make has to be a mess of things that strike certain feelings.
Anyways, I have this and two other tracks on https://soundcloud.com/small-mann. Keep in mind this is theory-less, and I have no improvization abilities because I'm working off of audacity, but I would still like feedback.
You keep doing what you're doing though, I'll probably listen to it.


Maybe check out Boredoms' early stuff, I used to be kind of into noise rock but I can barely even remember what the hell I used to listen to. I dunno if it's straight noise you're looking for, noise is pretty whack anyway


Thank you! I'll drop you some elaborated feedback next week.

By the way- I forgot to mention my other favorite noise: Whitehouse. He makes power electronics music and it's beautifully messed up.


File: 148452955047.png (99.84 KB, 1988x1044, Moonlit Walk.png)

I finally finished my album, it's pretty amateur, but I feel like I've gained a lot of experience. Feel free to check it out, it's free if you actually like it.


patrician music only thread


Halloween weekend bros, post your favourite albums to listen to
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I listened to that yesterday, I really like it


I listen to this every halloween


another classic. honestly the composition of this is A++++++++++++



File: 147728712233.png (949.09 KB, 877x532, producing.png)


Discuss DAWs, synths and VSTs, ask production questions, help out others, post sample packs and whatever else you think is production related.

Use clyp.it or where ever your audio is uploaded to ask for advice or feedback on a work in progress or finished track.
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Everytime i open Ableton i want to shoot myself in the head it's so boring.

I just wanna twiddle some fuken knobs m8, not point and click


Get yourself nice a MIDI controller if you haven't yet. I have a Novation Launchkey 25 and it means the world for me, I'd go insane without it... screw point and clicking.



File: 14862045639.png (301.01 KB, 512x512, angery serum.png)



This is cool, some insight into an unusual dubstep bass.

File: 147728439036.jpg (61.8 KB, 960x960, pretty-lights1.jpg)


To try something new: this is an EDM thread.

Commercial or underground, it's all welcome. This thread is a sort of antithesis of /bleep/. Here, we only care about whatever sounds good to us.

Common genres include:
>Electro house, trap, electro,
>DnB, dub/drum/brostep, glitch hop,
>Prog house, trance, future bass

To start this off: what do you think of the "EDM" term?
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Yea okay this is the last track I'm sharing now lol




That's some good shit


File: 147714980124.jpg (297.31 KB, 640x640, godfatherhours.jpg)


Are you more patrician than /mu/?
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I linked the wrong posts but y'all can figure that out.


File: 14781886758.jpg (86.75 KB, 1024x683, image.jpg)


Sure, I agree with that. These plebs see this only from a lens that is still foggy, why is it foggy? They have not dedicated large portions of time to diligent practice and cleared the fog and thus are able to see this is actually accurate. Just my opinion, of course.


All of your notes are belong to us


I'm not sure that I agree with you here. In terms of mastery, I agree, but I think that there's a lot of technical knowledge which, when you are a learner, has to be learned as theory. Think of learning a language: you learn a grammar theory, don't understand it. Later, you see examples, hear it being used, and suddenly what you previously understood only technically, now you understand practically. I think this is especially true also in music, where technical knowledge usually precedes actual understanding. Whether or not that can be applied to the extent that the other poster claimed ('oh, just sit in a dark room grinding theory for two years, and you'll be a master') I don't know. Maybe he meant what you meant anyway.

In my opinion, if you think you have two good quarterbacks you probably don't even have one. The amount of time that it takes to master an instrument completely is phenomenal. Composition is a skill in and of itself, I don't think pursuing mastery of every instrument would be for (almost) anyone an effective approach. And, I don't know how long you've been in that room studying theory, but like the other poster said you may want to revise your pentatonic scale.



But learning theory first can also hinder you. Think of it like becoming president. You would think spending years in politics might help, but apparently that's not so right now in history. For music it is the same. You shouldn't turn a thing into a craft until it is already a labor of love. When you know what the note A4 means to you, you will be much more likely to pursue a meaning to the other notes. If you memorize your way into the craft, you may not ever love it. Just my two cents. Anyone playing music is a good thing.

File: 147712732073.gif (2.93 MB, 375x375, CATS.gif)


It's time to create a new The Musikians album!

The project has been going rather slow lately, so I waited with posting a The Musikians thread to give everyone a break. I have also killed the 2nd project mzrt and I attempted to start up, since .

There is no theme nor deadline on this one. If we have at least 7 tracks and 30 minutes of playtime, plus album art and a title, a release takes place. Every Friday, I will check if we have fulfilled the quota and post an update on how far we are.

Even dubs decide album art, odd dubs decide album title.

Our wiki: http://themusikians.wikia.com/wiki/The_Musikians_Wiki

Drop your submissions here in mp3 or lossless format:
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your track's dope too man


#22 was fuckin' tight


I did NATBH and Slow Waves too. And thanks!


Natbh was also top shelf stuff. I'd like to hear more like that. I think you could get some fans with that kind of sound


Well, we did at one point.
Then the drummer quit and the band fell apart, unfortunately.

File: 14759582989.jpg (272.11 KB, 562x535, 1470037118407.jpg)


What's your favorite Tonetta song?


T for Tonetta


File: 147560662980.jpg (56.17 KB, 640x480, k-burger.jpg)


I'm here to spread the word of Mighty Compressor. Kompressor wants to get with you. Together we will synthesize and crush televisions.



if you dont listen to this, i honestly dont think you know good music


I have sinned, forgive me




File: 147817343090.png (14.2 KB, 735x353, KOMPRESSOR PRAISE.png)

File: 147538574870.png (111.47 KB, 457x481, stop.png)


Post what you're listening to ITT.

Others rate and recommend stuff.
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currently listening to yo mama



Throwback time yo


Oh, come on. That's not the proper trumpcore.
There you go, this is a soundtrack for twitter saltmining

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