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Submit to The Musikians' 25th album!

File: 146971633074.jpg (198.48 KB, 1100x1100, yamaha-fg700ms-acoustic-gu….jpg)


Is it even possible to make a purely acoustic guitar sound as angry and upfront as an electric one?


File: 146992655151.jpg (66.2 KB, 514x918, ds1_gal[1].jpg)

pic + mic


Depends on what you mean, I definitely think that acoustic sounds can carry a song with the same level of energy, but if you're looking to play metal then yeah it's probably not the right instrument. Really depends on the genre rather than the instrument.


street fighting man by the rolling stones is the classic example

File: 146881590449.jpg (67.87 KB, 600x461, hm.jpg)


banned from 4chan, music for this feel?



Haha, what did you do? Admin mode activate, haha, not really. I don't care enough.


iktf, just got banned for a day for trying to post a blacklisted link multiple times

File: 146878418114.jpg (2.35 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)


>cleaning out closet
>find this

wat do?
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change out one GB for another



Sick toons when?


i just got some batteries in it this morning. i accidentally erased all of my old saves, which i guess is for the best. i want to finish this other track i am working on first and then i will move on to a nanoloop project.

would anyone be interested in some nanoloop samples? if so, what kind of sounds?


You should buy another one and do some cool duets.

Steve Reich's Two Pianos with two gameboys for example.

File: 146862545282.jpg (36.98 KB, 540x616, 1462919896893.jpg)


Sup all, time to make our new album. This time we will have a keyword which you can work from to submit to the album. Adhering to it is not required and it can be interpreted any way you want. This is to create a theme within future releases.

The keyword for this album is "dance", a nice broad term. If it makes you want to move, it qualifies.

>even dubs get the album art
>odd dubs get the album title
>deadline and release of album is 8th of August, no postponing

For rules and additional Musikians info, check our wiki.

Drop your submissions here in mp3, flac or wav format:

Sorry for the late thread this time, I am current being exhausted by work and getting things ready for moving to another apartment.

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...Tomorrow, I'll start tomorrow. It's 5:00 am here.


quite a nice room. i wonder what it will look like after a musikchan party


The Cum of the Great Composers

All over the walls


The Musikians is a good place for me to dump songs that i like but won't be released in any other way.

Just uploaded a second song(don't remember when i posted the other one). It's 7:44 min long. The other one was 10 min i think?


The release is on its way yo, sorry for the delay


Hello All,

I know we have some industrial fans on this board. I'd like to submit this album for discussion. Combichrist is currently arguably one of the biggest and most visible acts coming out of the industrial scene. The band is formed around the frontman Andy LaPlegua, who began his career as the frontman of Icon of Coil who had many futurepop hits such as Access and Amplify.


As is the case with many bands, artistic disagreements caused tension and Andy formed his own project, Combichrist, which took a turn towards noise (in the club industrial sense of the word). Combichrist also had a keener eye towards branding and live performance leading them to pretty much dominate the industrial scene for a few years. Combichrist had countless hits, notably This Shit Will Fuck You Up.


This pattern continued for many years, but in more recent times Combichrist has begun incorporating more and more live instruments such as guitars and drums into their live performances. Live guitars and drums have also found their way into some studio tracks. Now with the recent album, This Is Where Death Begins, Combichrist has all but left the club industrial behind and made an full on industrial metal album.

This Is Where Death Begins is rated incredibly poorly on RYM, which gives it a 1.82. However, I find that it is incredibly refreshing when compared to Combichrist's previous work. Where club era Combichrist panders towards dance floor audiences at the cost of the music itself, This Is Where Death Begins is full of melodies, catchy hooks, and larger diversity of musical ideas, all within the industrial metal aesthetic.

The album sounds genuine. One can hear that Andy must genuinely like industrial metal and be familiar with its idioms.

Well with all of that said, I hope we can all listen and discuss the album.

Full album Spotify link:


AOTY 2016 and GOAT industrial metal album for me, not even kidding. Screw the RYM rating by those vinegar pissers, seems like they're mostly old listeners who can't handle the change. This is the greatest thing to have ever happened to Combichrist and I thought that they were a lost cause up until this album.

Granted, the lyrics aren't exactly super deep or meaningful. But they compliment all of the other solid aspects of this album. It's basically a bunch of guys having fun by raging.

The musical improvement from the last album is a huge leap forward, one which was a pleasant surprise. I thought this was going to be their worst one yet. Turns out it was the opposite, haha.


Literally never heard of any of this before, but I like this new material by them. The anger of it feels a little tedious after some point though and the harsh vocals are a little weird for my taste at some moments. Maybe it'll be a grower or something like that. Glitchteeth, Exit Eternity and Pay to Play are my favorites so far.


File: 146971701872.jpg (95.31 KB, 850x638, n-combichrist-this-is-wher….jpg)

Also, lol, these guys look incredibly edgy. But it's not as bad as I feel like it should be, since it goes with the music.

File: 146841030619.png (267.88 KB, 1240x972, Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at ….png)


ITT post retarded music-related screenshots from youtube comments
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File: 147101185648.png (182.95 KB, 1268x768, Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at ….png)

No communist party, no new China!!! Long live America!!! Long live 好睇!!!


File: 147133194319.png (77.9 KB, 1250x356, Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at ….png)

From BJ Snowden's 'In Canada'


File: 147409034075.png (40.02 KB, 1090x190, Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at ….png)


Fucking kek


File: 147500759829.png (107.68 KB, 773x472, 5616602.png)


Post songs you used to hear all the time when you were much younger but never hear anymore.

Huey Lewis And The News - The Heart of Rock & Roll
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File: 146852168823.png (25.54 KB, 967x583, coolguysarenone.png)

I haven't got any music but this picture I found on an old recovered HDD reminds me of more recent better days.


this seems to not be available in the US

the video i posted in the OP made me realize that huey lewis and the news have a ton of hits from when I was a kid. honestly some of these songs are pretty good. i might go on a huey lewis binge.


It's Tony Christie's 1971 hit, Is This the Way to Amarillo? (And sweet Marie who wait for me, shalala)


I wonder how that happened. Old songs never get played on mainstream radio in the US. I have never heard this, but it sounds pretty good.

The story kind of reminds me of the story behind The Zombies - The Time Of The Season. When it came out they were no longer popular and the single wasnt being pushed, but one dj liked it and kept playing it and it caught on and became popular.


Yeah, looking back on it it was bizarre. From what I can gather Peter Kay did a parody video where he mimed it, and it gained prominence again, but from what I read I couldn't tell if I have that the wrong way around either, so I'm not really sure. (I did find a site called Amarillo.com, who claimed that he did in fact eventually find his way to the town of Amarillo, where he bought a ten gallon hat and cowboy boots.)

Apparently they rerecorded a video for the song before/after it became a hit again, which had to be cut a lot again later to take out all the appearances of Jimmy Saville. Weird case anyway.

File: 146773386215.png (133.3 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


If you can't compose, arrange. If you can't arrange, practice. If you can't practice, perform. If you can't perform, study. If you can't study, listen. Music is a broad field, if you are feeling a block, remember there is always something to do.


i always remember a quote by rimsky-korsakov, which says "inspiration is the reward for discipline"

anything you work on will reward your efforts in other areas, just work on something.


Not as profound as Rimsky-Korsokov, but my step-dad always gave me this advice that I think is kind of related: Keep your interests as broad as possible until you know for sure what you want to do.


solid practical advice

File: 146724023121.png (1.14 MB, 852x854, 1466958176228.png)


Nexx is slow as shit edition

Actually, before we start off, I have something I want to propose: semi-themed albums. This will mean tracks needs to prominently include any (from literal to abstract) element you can choose from, or a combination thereof. I believe such a thing would create more unity on releases and provide a fun challenge for contributors, without imposing a stylistic limitation and making it harder to finish a contribution.

For this album, the theme would be dance, for starters.

The list of elements you can choose from are:

>Kick - kicksnare pattern
Use a beat which switches from kick, to kick + snare/clap/whatever in the following beat.

>Obvious dance beat from any given genre
This one is a less specific version of the kick - kicksnare pattern. Use any beat suitable for dancing, such as a trap, grime, moombahton, techno or whatever beat. It can be any style of choice which doesn't use four on the floor patterns (or does so in unusual ways.

>A clearly defined, yet danceable rhythm
Make sure you can nod your head to it, tap your foot or perform a non-obscure style of dancing to it. This doesn't mean your beat has to be electronic, just like the first requirement. This could mean any genre: swing, garage rock, a classical waltz, punk or whatever. As long as you can dance to it in some way.

Other ideas are welcome. I'll make the actual Musikians thread when you guys give green light for this idea.
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Good call. We can set it up to merely be a guideline. I know how hard it can be to try out something outside of your expertise and comfort zone.


I like this idea a lot, I wish we had more themed stuff. I'll try to submit again to the next album too


Sweet. fortunately I have a file going that already fits this criteria. No telling if I will finish it in time though


The last album was the first album that I didn't contribute to. I'm going to do my best to make sure that it's also the last.

I like the theme idea. A little while ago I had an idea for 'The Musikians plays The Musikians' where we either cover or remix Musikians tracks that we didn't make ourselves.


I have a track for this in the works. Is there an upload link?


ITT post songs about going around in circles





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