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What's the instrument in this song that makes that rattly, resonant sound? It sounds like an electric piano or a harpsichord, but I'm not sure, it's probably something else entirely


That's an electric guitar with effects on it, haha. Sounds like it was run through a reverb -> chorus -> equalizer effect chain. Might be wrong, but that's what it sounds like to me. It probably sounds weird because the guitarist is sliding down with it. Very cool effect, I dig this song!


what do you mean sliding? I'd assume you mean.. you know, slides, but it doesn't sound like that to me- after all it's just playing a single chord most of the time. In any case, it's a very unique sound, I feel inspired to find out how to make it myself


Also yeaaaaa dude, that song is awesome. Stan Hubbs should be /music/core lol

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Got a cheap android tablet. What music apps do i need?


File: 1489860017348.png (571.38 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2017-03-18-13-5….png)

Caustic looks pretty tight


aaaand bought


File: 1489946953361.png (275.79 KB, 550x550, ClipboardImage.png)

>tfw you have been living the apple lie until a few days ago

File: 1489425218563.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, Girls.png)


>he listens to albums on shuffle


File: 1489476397604.gif (939.42 KB, 180x155, 1424023023314.gif)

>mfw guilty and going to keep doing it anyway

File: 1488723637988.png (47.68 KB, 300x300, air horn.png)



File: 1488723748150.png (193.79 KB, 208x200, 1419896399061.png)



Ah shit, air horned again just now

File: 148647402552.gif (312.56 KB, 236x176, brah.gif)


6 more albums till we get a new Best Of The Musikians bois

What are your favorite tracks and albums?
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what album do we start from?


My favorites:
>Thurso is a Northern Town
>Chilling in the Name Of
>I Feel Like Natte Webster
>More Noise 4 Musikchan

This thread is for the whole discog


I'm thinking of binge-listening each album from start to finish, I don't remember each track that well, so I forgot a bit which tracks I like a lot, so I hope to at least rediscover some big gems, and I'm gonna boil that list down to no more than 30, in a non-specific order. and on top of those 30, I'm gonna pick my own 10 songs that I did myself that I still like to this day. (I resent certain tracks that I've created, like, A LOT!)

So in total, I'm dropping a list of 40 tunes that R cool.


File: 1488984742593.jpg (6.12 KB, 251x201, tk54dfb6ce.jpg)

still gotta compile a full list, but I have to nominate Revenge of the Cabbages

>tfw you are working on a new embed function for musikchan and you listen to revenge of the cabbages over 9000 times while testing


Aliens, #22, and NATBH were all my tracks, lol.

File: 1488247520169.jpeg (78.18 KB, 616x440, 16997841_792356027243_143….jpeg)


File: 1488080859065.jpg (129.07 KB, 500x379, bilbo.jpg)


>barre chords


If you practice the CAGED system of chords, you will be playing ridiculous amounts of barre chords and afterwards they wont bother you much


Guess I'll just have to go through the rough then

File: 1488065164373.jpg (51.39 KB, 361x504, carnegie-hall.jpg)


What are you currrently working on?


I'm working on learning The Rolling Stones - Dead Flowers for a jam later this week.



I'm just slacking off with playing guitar. Probably going to start playing daily again soon.


working on this bad boy

>Santo & Johnny - Sleepwalk


File: 1488054789281.jpg (77.18 KB, 800x364, img-1005-48181-5204-large.jpg)


Post music with sound design that blew you away when you first heard it



Charlie Darker & Far Too Loud - Nail Gun
>bass house

Haywyre - I Am You
>future bass

Void Settler - Her Naked Thin Glass-Made Clock
>industrial hardcore, glitch, IDM

The Outside Agency - Godspeed
>dubstep, industrial hardcore, crossbreed


Swell Maps - Big Maz In The Desert
Jandek - The Only Way You Can Go
Jandek - Green And Yellow

File: 1488038852295.png (1002.19 KB, 1254x803, ClipboardImage.png)


What are some production "must haves" that every producer must have?


First off: a DAW that clicks with you, to ensure a swift workflow. Your ideas will be more finely detailed with ease and not lost in the process of working it out.

Second: basic production knowledge. These can be found all over the web. YouTube is especially handy for visual reference and visual learners.

These plugin types are a must-have for any producer IMO:

For creative use:
>wavetable synths
>subtractive synths
>additive synths
>FM synths
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