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What do you guys think about Painting With? My Animal Collective exposure has been only MPP and i'm really getting into this album.

On a specific album I love the technique in which one vocalist sings the lyrics and another 'echoes' it; it's really great in "Summing the Wretch" where the echo is placed just a bit later than expected creating an awesome offbeat funky-ness.


I'm going to listen to this soon, I'll share my thoughts on it after I do


i found this amazing drum cover of The Burgulars i thought I'd share

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Just post sad and/or pretty albums and shit that were able to make your cold hearts crack.
One in particular that did that to me was A Boy by Doji Morita. I'm surprised it's so unpopular.


Antlers - Hospice made me baww like a baby when I first heard it


hey there, let's have a vapor music related thread and enjoy the vibes!


File: 148191127784.jpg (18.81 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

One of the best of them all


Heck I accidentally didn't put the link


I post this every year around Christmas. So in keeping with that tradition, here is Christmas Shoes.

Post some more Christmas songs
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heard this pretty tight version of carol of the bells while visiting my mom


I'm not much of a Christmas songs guy, but I made this last year


Since he died a few weeks ago.


merry crimbo lads


murr christmas

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Oh my god has anyone posted on here for a week?
Well anyways, anyone who wants to join in, let's have a discussion about extreme music.

>What made you seek it out?
>How much of it can you listen to before being overwhelmed?
>Have you tried incorporating elements of it into your own music?
>Why is it that so many of the extreme style, despite working together very very well, see so little crossover?

As for myself, the answers would go
>Curiosity w/ a bit of angst
>I can't listen to more than just an album on it's intended volume per day
>I've tried playing some, but when I wanted to do extreme stuff I tried to make up my own ways.
>I seriously don't understand.

Extreme music I would classify as the stuff that has generally loud and abrasive sounds making up it's majority.


Ehh activity waxes and wanes on here I wouldn't worry too much about it.

>What made you seek it out?
Wanted to hear something novel and experimental. I like getting tasters of this kind of stuff to expand my ear but it's not something I often revisit.

>How much of it can you listen to before being overwhelmed?
Not much on record but in a live environment for however long I want to. Perfect example is Acid Mother's Temple who I would struggle to get through an album of but could listen to them play live all day.

>Have you tried incorporating elements of it into your own music?
I think disharmony, tension and release plays a role in any persons music. I definitely think listening to harsher music has led to greater contrasts in tone in my stuff, but I guess I have yet to go 'full retard' with it.

>...see so little crossover?
I don't really understand what you mean.

Link related: too harsh for me but very interesting sounding. 1/2


Link also related: pop elements and harsh elements balance one another, create a sound that is pleasing to me and satisfyingly strange. 2/2


Why is it that music that has "generally loud and abrasive sounds" considered extreme? I wonder how others think "extreme" could be defined as far as music goes. By that definition though, I guess I don't listen to much extreme music. I listen to a lot of inaccessible stuff, dissonant stuff, and noisy stuff, but nothing that emphasizes harshness


That's a good definition, and I would agree that dissonant and noisy doesn't define it.
But yes I mean the stuff that emphasizes being abrasive.
Extreme Metal, Extreme Punk, noise, stuff like early swans.
come to think of it I can't think of any electronic extreme genres.

File: 147955913317.png (4.21 KB, 195x258, download.png)


Post a screencap of your musicplayer and discuss
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hey firth


Lol, guilty as charged


File: 147976734789.png (202.3 KB, 1366x728, Untitled.png)

made the switch from default to columns UI. any suggestions?


File: 147979598594.png (290.02 KB, 1448x868, ss+(2016-11-22+at+07_24_34….png)

I use Spotify most of the time, but whenever I don't I use MusicBee. It's got everything foobar has too, except for changing the panel layout.


cool, one thing I used to like about foobar though is that you organize your music folder manually, and I thought that wasn't an aspect of musicbee. maybe I'm wrong though.
looks pretty good


Classic hip-hop/rap thread

Post it, get those jams flowing
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This is now a memphis thread



RIP to one of the greatest song writers of the 20th century.


wait what

File: 147844641927.jpg (315.02 KB, 1200x1200, a2360775653_10.jpg)


Hey guys, just wanted to shamelessly advertise my newly released split LP on FALK records.

I make music under the moniker AAIIEENN and my best friend makes music under the moniker Decanter.
C70 cassettes are for sale and a digital version of the album comes with the cassette.



There is a share thread, this thread is technically against the rules. I think the other one is a little buried so I'm going to leave this up as a general OC thread. Other admin people feel free to just ignore this tho heh


This is Hallmar, it's alright. That rule is to fend off hit and run threads.

I'm gonna listen after the weekend, looks interesting.


Yea i know, maybe i should've made the title of the thread "GENERAL OC THREAD".

Sorry for that guise...


my bad bro I had no idea


File: 148503118253.jpg (1.12 MB, 2448x2448, IMG_0542.jpg)


New album, it's folky/psychy this time. Feedback and listens are greatly appreciated!


ITT: I'm just gonna leave this here

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