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Submit to The Musikians' 25th album!

File: 147712732073.gif (2.93 MB, 375x375, CATS.gif)


It's time to create a new The Musikians album!

The project has been going rather slow lately, so I waited with posting a The Musikians thread to give everyone a break. I have also killed the 2nd project mzrt and I attempted to start up, since .

There is no theme nor deadline on this one. If we have at least 7 tracks and 30 minutes of playtime, plus album art and a title, a release takes place. Every Friday, I will check if we have fulfilled the quota and post an update on how far we are.

Even dubs decide album art, odd dubs decide album title.

Our wiki: http://themusikians.wikia.com/wiki/The_Musikians_Wiki

Drop your submissions here in mp3 or lossless format:
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your track's dope too man


#22 was fuckin' tight


I did NATBH and Slow Waves too. And thanks!


Natbh was also top shelf stuff. I'd like to hear more like that. I think you could get some fans with that kind of sound


Well, we did at one point.
Then the drummer quit and the band fell apart, unfortunately.

File: 14759582989.jpg (272.11 KB, 562x535, 1470037118407.jpg)


What's your favorite Tonetta song?


T for Tonetta


File: 147560662980.jpg (56.17 KB, 640x480, k-burger.jpg)


I'm here to spread the word of Mighty Compressor. Kompressor wants to get with you. Together we will synthesize and crush televisions.



if you dont listen to this, i honestly dont think you know good music


I have sinned, forgive me




File: 147817343090.png (14.2 KB, 735x353, KOMPRESSOR PRAISE.png)

File: 147538574870.png (111.47 KB, 457x481, stop.png)


Post what you're listening to ITT.

Others rate and recommend stuff.
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currently listening to yo mama



Throwback time yo


Oh, come on. That's not the proper trumpcore.
There you go, this is a soundtrack for twitter saltmining


Title says it all, posting some examples I like.



File: 147538446569.jpg (54.95 KB, 300x300, 120814_ratm_album.jpg)


How do you feel about the state of commercial 'alternative' music nowadays?

I feel like there has been a severe lack experimentation lately. We used to have acts like (and I don't claim they are experimental) NIN, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Blink-182, Rage Against the Machine, Rise Against and a whole bunch of other heavier or fun stuff. Now it's mostly just played safe by newcomers and a bunch of older bands are just a cheap rehash of their past selves, or currently popular pop/dance styles. Like what the fuck? Bands from that period did this as well, but nowadays it's ridiculous.
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The Beatles are the perfect example of how what was once the most human and pure form of music yet created, jazz & Blues, was turned into a unique new format that while extremely enjoyable is also of less quality due to commercialism. I would say the state of music is changing so rapidly that it is currently void, it eats all meaning, this is why there are so many sub genres. But new stuff isn't really being created, it's just very similar to the old stuff. But there are ways to do it.

What if a video game, instead of having each level play music at a different key ( as most do most of the time now ), each was in the same key, for a smoother transition, and yet there were 12 versions of the soundtrack, one in each key, and the game cycled through them? This would have a huge effect on the immersion of the gameplay. There are many ideas like this, this is just one.


>most human and pure form of music yet created
Jazz and blues and folk became popular through exploitation of their popularity, we have extremely selective memory of these kinds of music. They had more musically going on than modern pop music of course, but fundamentally they were popularised as derivative, commercial products that took advantage of a rising lower comsumerist class in America that suddenly heard songs they could relate to on the radio. They sound a lot purer and humane to us now in the bubble of talent and hindsight, but make no mistake that we've selected the cream of the crop.


>through exploitation of their popularity
I meant popular appeal but whatever



Why do you say bullshit?


I guess you mean why is what I'm saying bullshit? It's not bullshit, I just assumed the poster meant 'pure' in contrast to modern commercial 'unpure' music. Otherwise, I don't know what they meant by pure

File: 147441730140.png (1.14 MB, 910x910, art.png)


Grab your sneakers, glow sticks and water bottles, because The Musikians are going to make you feel the beat!

Download the album:

What should the theme for the next album be? Drop your suggestions!


File: 147446171188.gif (482.2 KB, 350x197, giphy.gif)

Aww yeah!!!

Not a theme for the next album, but I would be interested in doing a "rare and unreleased" so that I could drop some of my random tracks off.


uploaded to distrokid


>Grab your sneakers, glow sticks and water bottles.

That's funny because I more than get the vibe to grab a bong whenever Jupiter pops on. Was it intentionally meant as a 90's-kinda stoner rock song?


now on Spotify for your listening pleasure



Fuck yea


This is making the rounds as being the most crigneful video of 2016.

What do you guys think?


File: 147432432415.jpg (69.69 KB, 970x545, Tommy Wiseau.jpg)

That was atrocious. Also, he kind of reminds me of Tommy Wiseau from The Room.


File: 14744178849.png (203.94 KB, 600x468, 1462231024785.png)

Well, he tried


I dont think the song is so bad. His singing is a little weird sounding and I could do without the rap.

His dancing is the big issue for me. I watched another video where he explained that Michael Jackson was his idol and that he was borrowing some of Michael's dance moves. His costume and hair both seem to be Michael influenced as well.


you know what, fuck it, im gonna listen to the album

File: 147402091228.jpg (116.97 KB, 1200x932, Sonys-New-Cassette-Tape-Ho….jpg)


I go to a well funded public university, so it should have all the equipment I need, right?
How do I go about creating a physical cassette mix-tape from my digital library?
On a slightly less /music/ related note: I'm creating a box of DIY/cheaply bought things for my girlfriend. Theme is "Our Love is Timeless". Idea is to have many things from various time periods dedicated to her. So far all I got is a mix tape, maybe a vintage outfit I would like her to wear, and I'll attempt to draw SOMETHING(I'm not good, so it'll probably be "caveman" stick figure drawings).


I had a CD/tape combo player and I made mixtapes as a kid. with that set up, when the song on the CD you want to record plays, just hit record on the tape until the end. pretty simple. not sure what you'd do to get something from your computer on tape though; you'd probably have to feed the audio to a cassette player and do the same thing, or just burn your mix to cd first and then do what I did if it's simpler


you should buy used blank tapes too btw. It's cheaper and they'll be older/already have some audio artifacts that make tapes so classic for the vintage vibe.


And even if you do the second method and record from a cd, stop between the tracks maybe to make it seem like you did it the real way

File: 147336200839.jpg (463.65 KB, 1000x1000, charlesbabbageweb_1000.jpg)


What's up, Musikchan? Big announcement: we are starting a new site project, right now!

The rules:
>no expectations or worrying about copyright related issues, just no mindless noise/drone or music meant to deliberately shit up the release
>you make up your own track names
>even dubs get the album art
>odd dubs get the album title

Submit your stuff in mp3 or any lossless format here:

We have no name for the project yet. We can debate over that ITT and vote for one.

There is no actual deadline. I'll check if we have over 30 minutes and over 8 tracks of material every Saturday. If we do, together with a title and art, we'll see a release the following Sunday and submissions will close shortly before release. I'm going to post updates on our progress and our track listing. Everything will be distributed through file sharing sites and YouTube.

We're doing this because we feel the standards for The Musikians have become high. The early days were mostly just screwing around, and that was fun. We were much more free spirited because we didn't have any legal things to take into consideration. The project quickly grew, started to get distributed to paid services and became much more serious and higher in quality. So let's just fuck around, sample, bullshit and make music in the most free-spirited way possible.

Go forth and create!


Here's one name I like

Musikchan Adventures


Just threw in 4 tracks which I wanted to have a home since forever to kick things off:

Jeff luvs dat qt
Murrican Shoegaze (My Bloody Bullet Remix)
Saturday Night Marijuana Injection

Total playtime: 11:20


Eh, I don't know if I like this. Why not just have that free spirited feel to the musikians again? Just because it's on spotify doesn't mean it has to be serious, and in fact I like having a lot of variety (in style and quality) on the albums. Copyrights have never really been an issue for musikians before either


I wholeheartedly agree with you. The Musikians aren't per se serious business. They will probably never be and the variety has always been charming for me as well.

However, the way our music is distributed simply has its limitations. We can't sample copyrighted material, we can't use artist names in our titles and all of our album covers have to be original creations or based on public domain pictures. This is simply limiting in a lot of ways. With The Musikians, we risk forced monetization on YouTube videos (which has already happened, I've had to appeal to copyright strikes in cases of public domain audio) and even having to re-release past releases. That's no fun. This project will be a careless playground, more free for newbie experimentation and just making funny dumb things in general. Technically, I was never allowed to make the Richard D James series and cannot do this in future, for example. That is a bummer. This way, we can work our way around this all and relief inexperienced musicians from the burden of having to live up to the level of us regular Musikians, who have been submitting music for almost 2 years to the project now. One track I am submitting is a remix of NMH - King of Carrot Flowers Part 2 and another is a Green Day - American Idiot remix. I could never submit that to The Musikians, while I would have loved to for years. So yeah, there are a whole bunch of reasons why I believe it's worthwhile to set up this new project.


Good point. It really is too bad it's necessary though, due to copyright laws

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