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Check out the latest album from the Musikians!!

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Time for a new album!

Check out the previous album, 25:

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hello (sorry english not great) have you heard music i mail to your website media fire? music is name railway. thank you.

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What is everyone into these days?

I got big into fingerstyle guitar.


Starting to put more time into piano and looking at sheet music. I can't put as much time into the sheet music since my head starts pounding trying to understand it.

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There is a band with a name I want, in another country, doing the same genre as me. The only difference in our two names is that I want an accent over one of the letters. But, we are referencing the same idea. Can I use this name freely, and make money from it?


I don’t know the legality of it, but go ahead and use it until it becomes a problem


yeah, just go for it. It's usually not a problem.

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I think I'm gonna be sick


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Thanks Deko :D


No problem :)


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File: 1527195633680.png (457.85 KB, 800x450, cucked.png)




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File: 1532510705730.jpg (498.42 KB, 1177x941, a95df96d6cef107871edce8a44….jpg)


File: 1532589217033.jpg (36.84 KB, 350x330, Fuzzy1er.jpg)


File: 1577388382374.jpg (177.49 KB, 757x865, Camilla_Collett_by_Nicolai….jpg)

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Long time Musikchan. Drunkenly on my way back from the office Christmas party. How is everyone?

>tfw the most famous song from your country was written by your ex's alcoholic father and you die inside every time it's played at a social event where everyone ironically pretends to love it even though you're married now and helped her come out of the closet and she's also married now to another woman and that's great and you're over it but the way that her b-list celebrity father used to treat her and the rest of her family still makes you kind of angry.

Pic unrelated (or is it)


File: 1577221094429.jpg (305.35 KB, 1200x900, 1567362608107.jpg)

Wow, really?

I always liked this cover:

Def related.

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Are there any musicians whom have been around a while and we still don't know what they look like? I am willing to reveal either my face or my name, but not both.. and it will probably be my name. That seems much easier. I do not care if people have info on me or whatever, I just won't connect the mask to the face. There is a great power in doing this, especially if no one has done it before. And if the music is otherworldly, and by that I mean playing so fast that you wonder about the Devil, and dark, I think I'm onto something here and I've already got all the ingredients. Now I just gotta find the time.


people probably have some idea of what i look like, but i wont dox myself


>The Residents
One of them died recently so he was revealed to be one of them, though.
>nobody tm


Carpenter Brut iirc. Know he's French, but I don't think there're any photos of his face floating around


File: 1571020919037.jpg (23.42 KB, 452x299, Altarage.jpg)

I know some metal bands formed by anon members. Especially Death/Black. No obvious examples like DSO, everyone knows about them.
>Irkallian Oracle

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What are our thoughts on Clairo?
Serious, she has some actual music I like her old lo fi eps


File: 1531334037744.jpg (10.2 KB, 680x440, hi there why don't you hav….jpg)



File: 1562806310306.jpg (1013.43 KB, 1382x2048, MV5BNzA1Njg4NzYxOV5BMl5Ban….jpg)


Can you please post 80s instrumental music?





Vangelis in general has some really good stuff

Just found this one:

and who could forget this masterpiece:


File: 1502227643435.jpg (223.52 KB, 684x457, Dannie_Richmond.jpg)


Huge fan of this guy ever since I heard The Black Saint


who is it?


nobody here go away

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