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>How long have you played?
>What do you like to play?
>What is your practice routine like?
>Post pictures of your guitars

Pic related. My guitar


>How long have you played?
1,5 years, idly though. I should pick up playing guitar more, but right now I have different things on my mind.

>What do you like to play?

I used to play metal, but I'm mostly over that stuff as a whole. I can still appreciate and am likely to play things from a good heavy/power/symphonic/gothic/industrial/folk metal band, as well as metalcore/deathcore when done well. I like lots of melody & emotion, interesting lyrics and expressive solos.

When I'm picking up the guitar again, I'll probably play classic rock, modern rock and post-hardcore/oldschool emo, along with the occasional metal.

>What is your practice routine like?

I used to play about 3-5 hours a week. My new routine will be at least trying to pick it up, until I start playing 1 hour every day. Just take it easy, you know. Can't force yourself into it if you haven't played for a while (my hands and fingers are going to hate me.)



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>Post pictures of your guitars

My guitars are:

>Palma PL44 full-size classical guitar

Cheap 60-70 euro thing, but it's loud and plays nicely. I've heard complaints of the neck bending due to string tension, but I haven't experienced that problem yet. It is the guitar I started out with and I will play again for the most part.

>C. Giant s Model Black Electric Guitar with Rosewood Fingerboard

A guitar sold at ALDI, which I bought from a friend and proceeded to assault with stickers I had laying around. I like the punk-like look. The guitar itself sounds nice and surprisingly rich, was about 180 euros new price but I got it for 50. Not too interested in playing with this one anymore until I get some effect pedals. The raw sound is not to my liking, I would like to EQ it, get a good preamp and apply chorus, reverb, delay and tremolo effects. Until then, my acoustic guitar sounds much nicer, especially since my amp isn't great either.

>B.C. Rich Insinerator Amp with 6 Inch Speaker

A shy little 10-watt amplifier that I was gifted, from a close friend. It has an on/off button for generic distortion with a gain knob, and an "edge" kob (fucking lol.) The edge knob basically just adds more mids to your sound. It works well enough, but probably works better with a preamp and said effects so I can achieve the sounds I want.

Oh, and my favorite foot pedal. I love it and I can't do with out it. And I can take it anywhere by folding it up, which is neat.


>How long have you played?
On and off for probably 15 years. More off than on.

>What do you like to play?

classic rock and random stuff that i like the sound of

>What is your practice routine like?

when i am practicing i split the time between exercises and actual songs. i shoot for an hour minimum

>post your guitars

thats my guitar in the OP and I also have a taylor E110 acoustic. i mostly play the electric though. it feels perfect in my hand.

i dont currently own an amp and i have no aspirations of being a famous guitarist, so i mostly play the electric unplugged.


Played 9 years now on and off more on than off. I just play as a hobby so I play whenever I like. I tend to practice hard for a period where I just focus a lot when I play around, I never structure my sessions as I always get bored and stop. Sometimes I will focus on making a particular style more than another, so then I will work from a book. I find theory dull and tedious to work with on guitar (I don't mind tedious so long as it isn't dull). I like playing a lot of jazz, classic and alt rock, I used to play a lot of shoesgaze but I no longer have an electric so yeah. I have a pretty nice acoustic and play a bit of fingerstyle blues and folk when I get to play (more off than on recently). My favourite thing to do on the guitar is to play around finding things that I like to listen to, though. I always forget how to play them, but there are quite a few bits I have written that I've been very proud of.


>tfw you just realize how easy it is to play a diminished 7th bar chord, which is the one chord you use a lot in your music but never had in your guitar vocabulary


>tfw you also realize if you learn the voicing for one dim 7 you know them all, so you dont need to learn a ton of extra voicings


File: 1488290227857.jpg (1.74 MB, 2340x4160, IMG_20170227_203344.jpg)

Just bought this guy, I'm pretty excited about it. Need to change out the factory strings though, they sound awful.


File: 1488427092778.jpg (1.73 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_4467.JPG)

Here is my acoustic. It's a Taylor E110


I have now had this guitar for 11 years. New 110s are made in Mexico, but this was made when Taylor was still making 110s in the USA. I didnt realize that until recently. There probably isnt much difference between a USA and Mexican made 110, but it does give the guitar a certain aura of "higher quality."


>How long have you played?
Not very long, just started last june.
>What do you like to play?
Usually I start listening to something and wanting to play it, and that's partially how I've been advancing. I think the earliest style I wanted to try (back when I was still the guy you laughed at at a guitar store) was black metal, and I only had an acoustic. Turns out that's boring as fuck and as soon as I got my hands on an electric it was My Bloody Valentine and assorted doom metal. Right now a great deal of my time is eaten up by noodling around, not advancing with song ideas.
>What is your practice routine like?
It used to be just memorizing the modes of the a minor pentatonic and g major, as well as some dexterity exercises, but I sadly got content at a point and stopped really practicing anything.

As for the last it's a Gibson SG and a Sammick, laptop camera's broken sadly. Rig is weird, beat up old Crate GX-15 and a Spider V60, and I just recently got the huge gratification of plugging them both in using a friend's muff with two outputs. It gets sufficiently loud for my tastes now, and the quality of the sound isn't TOO much of an issue.

I know exactly how you feel, it's such a fun thing to do but it gets boring once you start doing the shitty practice routines people have put together.

But you have played with an amp, right?


I have played with an amp, I just dont anymore. These days I am mostly playing the Taylor.


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My best friends

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