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Submit to The Musikians' 25th album!

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Hello everyone! We've made some changes to how The Musikians work. The old thread has been deleted, since no one submitted music before the deadline.

The wiki, along with our rules and about, have been modified. I highly suggest you to revisit the wiki.

Info & rules for The Musikians (MUST READ BEFORE SUBMITTING):

Submit your track in .flac or .wav format here:

Good luck everyone!
>picture unrelated


Since the new software allows us to edit posts, this is the progress post.

Album title: "25"


Total tracks: 0
Total length: 0m 0s

Rejected submissions:




File: 1488085207592.jpg (79.62 KB, 320x280, 1417030739744.jpg)

That's beautiful



I'll have a track to submit soon. It'll be sort of like NATBH and Aliens, from previous albums


File: 1491924312295.png (1.1 MB, 970x728, ClipboardImage.png)

Hoping to drop one on this album


File: 1491952573721.jpg (16.48 KB, 400x400, 1419894243471.jpg)

>all that lactose


>you will never live in a country where horse milk is commercially produced


Oops I forgot


There's no such thing as time on musikchan


I realized that I already submitted the track I wanted to submit…back on like the 3rd Musikians album. I ended up just submitting a live track. Hope that's alright.


Dear anon who submitted "Hash Pipe High": I'm going to have to reject this track, since it's skipping. If you can provide me with a version that doesn't skip, then it will be added to the upcoming release. Cheers!


Er, Hash Pipe High or Hash Pipe Swing?


Whoops, it's Hash Pipe Swing. Sorry!


Seems Insum had a Hash Pipe High haha.


That's my only copy of the track, I guess I won't be submitting it…


I suppose I have another track I can submit, though it's not as good as NATBH unfortunately. They can't all be hits!


Wait, can I submit a track that was recorded live?



Sure, I don't see why not. As long as the track's sound isn't all destroyed by bad live recording.


Cool. I'll have stuff to submit for sure then.


File: 1500043530307.png (1.02 MB, 740x740, ClipboardImage.png)

Stickying this thread to get this going again.

I have a track locked and loaded and I am working on more. Another bro of mine also has a track.

Lets get this cabbage rollin


Time to pick up action on my part too, I've undeniably been slacking. Updating that list up top soon. :)


uploaded my file. hope you guys like it. it is a bit of a departure from my normal style, while maintaining the mzrt sound


The follow tracks have been rejected because they are longer than 8 minutes in length:

A Goodbye Screwed
Rooms 1


how long is rooms? y'all should keep it, fuck the rules. the other one wasn't that good though so no worries

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