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Does musikchan like the blues? What are some good albums to check out?


Yeah, I like some blues

The Complete Robert Johnson
Anything by Robert Pete Williams
Skip James - Today!
Mississippi John Hurt - Today!
Taj Mahal - Mo' Roots
Rising Sons - S/T
James Booker - Resurrection of the Bayou Maharajah
Nick Gravenites - My Labors (there's probably some good Janis Joplin that sounds just like this, but I don't know which album's best)

Blind Willie Johnson is more gospel, but also pretty great

all very highly recommended


What are the recordings of these like?

My only issue with the blues is it often sounds so shit.


I rarely am annoyed by recording quality so I often don't notice it much either. Both albums called Today, Mo Roots and Rising Sons, and My Labors are all well recorded though iirc, some RPW is too


Alrighty then, must have just been a really shitty quality Robert Johnson recording I had then.


No, those recordings /are/ in fact pretty bad. Amazing music, though

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