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Academic, classical and experimental only, early edition.

Favourite artists?
Favouite works?

Genius or just a pretty face?


Cage > Stocky


Cage isn't electronic tho


Stockhausen is a freak. He's unique, inconsistent, and shitty at certain aspects of composition. However, at his best, he's amazing. Cage on the other hand is so obsessed with certain philosophical and musical ideas that his music maybe seems unique (and is important, I'll admit) but he's really just the poor man's version of the other New York composers he was associated with. He has many good compositions, but nothing great.


Opions on Vladislav Delay?


Lets not forget Morton Subotnick



Who invented electronic music?
What was the first recorded piece?


Not telling you


>Who invented electronic music?
Depends how you define 'invented'? Whoever made the first electronic based instrument or the one who intentionally made a banger with it?

>What was the first recorded piece?

Schaeffer I think

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