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Submit to The Musikians' 25th album!

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Can musikchan answer this question?



T=30, T=-20

It would take 30 or -20 minutes




File: 1509391930871.png (144.3 KB, 724x611, ClipboardImage.png)

40p = 120t

40p/40 = 120t/40

1p = 30t

60p = 180t

60 players would take 180 mins to play it


>1p = 30t
>60p = 180t
See, here is where you made your mistake. If 1p=30t, 60p=30(60)t, which can be simplified to 1800t

It would take the players 30 hours to play the symphony



is this the drone version?


Yep. In fact, the relationship between number of players and time taken to play a piece (as in OP's pic) is a more obscure and seemingly absurd advanced music theory principle that is derived from the better know principle that the fewer players in a band the more likely they are to play drone music. Even this seems absurd at first to some plebs, but consider…

>John Cage had both his legs amputated right before writing As Slow As Possible, meaning 3/4 a member of the band

>Bull of Heaven is actually a literal bull, totaling 0 band members
>La Monte Young is actually doll sized
>A lot of kids and infants make drone music


verified. 4'33 shows that if you add one person to a totally silent composition that it still takes at least 4'33.



I once tried to submit 4'33 to Musikians. It got rejected. Topkek

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