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Post ITT after you hear your first Christmas song of the year.

When did you hear it?
Where did you hear it?
What song was it?


>When did you hear it?
Yesterday. November 1st.

>Where did you hear it?

The grocery store in my neighborhood. They usually go full Christmas, but its a little early even for them.

>What song was it?

Mannheim Steamroller - Deck The Halls



I heard White Christmas played in a store today. Hot damn, that singer definitely was being paid by the volume. Pretty surprised that I hadn't heard (or at least noticed) Christmas music until today… usually I appreciate hearing it, too.


Heard this and shazamed it, pretty good chillout christmas music


Wow, I have never heard this and I live in an area where I hear a lot of rnb Christmas music. I imagine hearing this in a really hip boutique.

Here is a classic one that I hear in my local grocery store and in the lobby of my apartment building many times each year.

Whitney Houston - Do You Hear What I Hear

Its interesting when you travel and listen to the radio. You will sometimes hear regional differences in music preferences. I traveled to Virginia recently and heard this one on the radio. I always love Carol of the Bells, but I had never heard this version.

Ray Conniff Singers - Ring Christmas Bells


I also heard this recently. I had forgotten it existed. In the realm of pure pop Christmas songs, I think it is rather underrated, probably due to the fact that it doesnt have a memorable tagline in it.

Britney Spears - My Only Wish This Year

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