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What's the worst pop song/trend you can think of? Firefly comes to mind for me.


File: 1514139978894.jpg (108.45 KB, 1920x1080, Alex-Jones.jpg)

This is definitely among the worst although most other pop is as bad. This is literal satanic garbage meant to keep you in a constant state of arrested development. It says so in the lyrics.


I hate songs that glamorize immaturity. 21 Pilots is another big offender… this songs too


File: 1514239589999.jpg (43.55 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

God, I hate that type of singing. The nasally, half-singing, high pitched cat sound is everywhere in pop today(ex. I knew you were trouble). Throwing in some dubstep and techno beats to mask the mediocre vocals is also done a lot.
>I hate songs that glamorize immaturity
Kesha is probably the worst offender of this.


I actually usually think Ke$ha is trying to be satirical in her lyrics- like when "Like we're gonna die young" is repeated as "We're gonna die young" in that song, and in how obviously ridiculous and stupid some of the things she says is.


Eh, she doesn't seem like she would do that kind of thing from what I've seen of her outside of her music, which somebody else likely writes. Even if it is satire, her fans clearly haven't picked up on it and the song itself sounds no better for it.


File: 1515039946273.jpg (160.61 KB, 850x735, __kyubey_and_sakura_kyouko….jpg)

I keep hearing all of these shitty, "chill", songs. They all have an uninteresting, dubstepy, vaporwavey and slow background made up of a bunch of computer generated noises thrown together with an obnoxious, distorted voice bellowing on top of it. Midway through the song, a higher pitched voice always starts babbling some nonsense. That's the song's idea of development. It's practically white noise. Every song of this type is virtually indistinguishable. If I had to guess, potheads and wannabe potheads are into this kind type of stuff because even the music they listen to just has to be like, totally lit maaaan.


File: 1515340723581.png (155.51 KB, 676x685, ClipboardImage.png)

Your description is perfect. I read it and then listened to the two tracks and you were 100% spot on.

I feel like music like this has existed for a long time. I remember hearing similar stuff in the "cool" part of town almost 20 years ago.

This song is terrible. I agree with >>31751 annoying vocals.

kesha's mom was a songwriter for Dolly Parton. she is a child of the music industry and surely every aspect of her life has been manufactured and guided to push her into stardom. I mostly feel sorry for these people and their listeners because they live an empty existence. That said, I have definitely danced to this song in a club.

oc related. over 9000 hours in paint


File: 1515389666736.jpg (267.2 KB, 1024x576, 5935838722_c1a1920c43_b.jpg)

Emo lo-fi music is probably one of my least favorite genres. Bland, milquetoast, soft as putty and very droning. The lyrics are all so generic and melodramatic, not to mention how passionless they're sung. It's like somebody is literally sing-whinging. Very juvenile and hipster. The idea of purposefully low sound quality being an inherent part of it is just fucking dumb. If all the funny was sucked out of Linkin Park, leaving only the boring and bad, that's what this is. What's notable is how Joji, or rather Filthy Frank, started doing this kind of thing and despite it being nothing special, people care about it just because he already had popularity from being a one-trick-pony comedian.
9000 hours well-spent.


>why aren't they playing the Gap Band, the Musikians or Kompressor?
>Is that guy really checking /mu/? Hope you like shitposts and repetitive threads
>I wish my cabbage was here


What would the person look like?


File: 1515540940989.png (649.08 KB, 1262x752, Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at ….png)






nah, it's cool. Anime heroes don't watch anime themselves


Have you guys watched dragonball z? I never did but I keep hearing that it was awesome


File: 1515990704323.jpg (83.44 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I hate faux, "8bit chiptune", music. These types of songs try to take advantage of people's nostalgia for old video game music. The people who makes this stuff think that they don't need to put in any effort if it's just beeps and boops. What they're either forgetting or ignoring is that that composers put in extra effort to make the most out of narrow technical limitations. This stuff not only doesn't even stay within the boundaries of those technical limitations, but they don't so much as make an effort to be listenable.
then: https://youtu.be/0cGvju-LMXo?list=PLCCOoHvw8epqL1yFqkhCR225-NExTv4NE
now: https://youtu.be/6bH-MdVCLWM


>What they're either forgetting or ignoring is that that composers put in extra effort to make the most out of narrow technical limitations. This stuff not only doesn't even stay within the boundaries of those technical limitations, but they don't so much as make an effort to be listenable.

I think this is an extremely important point. I remember reading articles about composers for the original nintendo and how they would have to push the chip to the absolute limit, and find all sorts of hack to get the sounds that they needed. I also used to own a nanoloop and working within the limitations of that could be quite challenging.

I listened to the second link in your post (pasted below for reference) and while some of the harmonies and melodies seemed to be pretty representative of 8 bit video game styles, the first thing I heard was a modulating acid bassline that would never have been possible on an 8 bit chip.



Thanks for the response. Yu-No came out in 1996 and the pc98 itself came out in 1982, before even the Famicom, and used the Yamaha YM2608 chip. I know very little about sound engineering, but here's the Wikipedia page for it.
I'm pretty sure that the system is considered 16/32 bit. Anyway, it still shows the massive difference in effort between what people produced back then and modern, "retro", music, which also often doesn't fit 8-bit parameters. The third link, which was for the pc-88, is probably closer to mark when it comes to comparable technical limitations.


Bubblegum-pop is the worst thing that has ever happened to music.


There is still good "chiptune" music being made (even though it's not actually chiptune anymore) But I definitely agree on what you're saying though.

some semi-recent albums that I think are actually really good:
she - coloris
starscream - future, and it doesn't work
anamanaguchi - dawn metropolis
sabrepulse - chipbreak wars
4mat - decades

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