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Do, di, re….


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Why do you faggots keep shit posting outside of /chill/? Where's the mods?


It's music related


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yo, honestly though, who uses these extra syllables for solfege? I have only ever used Do, Re,Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do


I'd assume anyone who used solfege in general. It's hard for me to sing a chromatic scale though, and probably is for most people, and that's probably the only reason they aren't commonly known


I graduated from a music conservatory and neither my school nor the other school that I attended used the extra syllables.


Huh, I guess I'm speaking as someone who doesn't know much about it, but what's the usual use of solfege? How do you deal with notes outside of the key if you ever would have to sing them?


This is a debate that I would have in my mind as well. My school used fixed do, but my friend at Berklee said that they used moveable. I thought that moveable was actually far more practical and that fixed was a sort of experiment by educators to break students away from tonality. In order to sing notes outside of the key you would just “think sharp” or “think flat” and sing the same syllable. Whether the note on the staff is an F, F#, or Fb, tit is still solfeged as “Fa”

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