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Check out the latest album from the Musikians!!

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Did anyone check this out?

Spoiler: I support Trump and used to listen to Eminem back when he was good

Out of respect for his earlier works, I decided to give this album a listen, the same way I have listened to every album that has sucked since he began sucking. As of writing this, I have only listened to half of it. While Eminem is clearly skilled, it is doubtful that he has any idea of what people actually want to listen to anymore.

In the first track, Walk on Water (featuring Beyonce) gave me a little hope for this album as it sounded like Eminem was getting personal, talking about his hopes, fears, victories, and disappointments. The second track however, begins with a negation of all of that and he claims that since he has a mic, he is a god.

The fourth track, Untouchable, is an NWA style beat criticizing whites and white police officers. In this track he talks at length about the struggle of the black community and of white privilege. Speaking honestly, this is enough to turn me off right here, but since I am trying to listen objectively, I did not let it. What did turn me off however, was that he continuously calls himself black through by referring to blacks and the black community as "we," when in the second track he talks about the privileged lifestyle that he leads, living in a gated community where the neighbors say "hi." It came off as inauthentic and forced.


River (feat Ed Sheeran) was ok. I honestly hate the guest appearances on the choruses, but this was passable. This song is basically a moral tale against having casual unprotected sex. Not really what Eminem was about, but hey, maybe he grew up a little.

Remind Me is a negation of all of that, which tries to capture the fun old Eminem. He talks about wanting to pick up a big fake tittied slut, but it sounds forced. Conspicuously present is a sample of Joan Jett's I Love Rock and Roll. Joan Jett is a feminist icon, which gives further creedence to the claims that Eminem has gone full SJW.

The last track I made it through before work was Like Home. It is an anti Trump track disguised as a patriotic track. In this track he calls for Trumps assassination, which is already cliche as fuck, and he also calls Trump a nazi (OMG!). He also says that he loves his country and that he is going to fight for it, which is a load of bullshit because in Untouchable he says the following:

>Home of the brave is still racist 'ville

>So this whole nation feels like a plantation field
>In a country that claims that its foundation was based on United States ideals
>That had its Natives killed
>Got you singin' this star-spangled spiel
>To a piece of cloth that represents the "Land of the Free" that made people slaves to build

So, halfway through, I think its pretty shitty. I think that Eminem has lost touch with America long ago. I mean, look how edgy his shirt in this picture is. Its not like the entirety of mainstream media is shoveling this same shit down your throat. Eminem drew a line in the sand and said for me to stop listening to his music. I should have done what he asked. His music has sucked for ages and I cant imagine that changing now.

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