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Post profiles, charts, whatever


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are people still using this? I havent logged in since the redesign.

>go to log in

>cant remember password
>change password
>new password doesnt work


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The website has improved since the initial redesign. It's still meh, but I think it's alright now. Still miss the old site though.


>my last 7 days


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Can't play anything :(

I'm looking for stuff from around 2012 that isn't on Bandcamp or SoundCloud. If somehow someone has it, could they upload it to mediafire? Thanks a million.


I know that feel

I will send someone $5 if they can provide me with mp3s of the following:

Pink Nightmare - Down With Pigs
Pink Nightmare - James' Thievin' Theme Song

$10 for the pair


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Mine, w/ a recent 5x5.


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britty gud


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