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what are your top 3 favourite instruments.

>why for bonus points and a sweetie


Piano, guitar, laptop


Trumpet sax and drums

I only really listen to jazz


Guitar, sax, piano



because I play guitar and you can compose nearly as full an arrangement on guitar as you can on piano, but guitar is more portable and convenient.


You can compose a full arrangement on piano, but its not as convenient as many other instruments


i dont play violin, but a lot of great works have been written for it and it is the most frequently used orchestral instrument


Piano is probably my favorite although I can barely play it, guitar is my main instrument. I just love how all the notes are laid out in front of you in keys. You get a great piano player, it's like they're working magic with their fingers.

I'm sick of guitar even though I play every day. It's such a hassle coming up with what melodies work with your fingers and their placement on the strings, in conjunction with different tunings and whatnot. Piano seems so much more straightforward.

I guess my third pick would be a three way tie between cellos, violins, and drums.


do you play in any alternate tunings?

I play in open G a lot. I find it extremely intuitive, but I can only really play in the key of G.


Piano. I've been playing it for years. It's versatility and, "cleaness", can't be beat. Piano is like music in its purest form, with no instrument characterization. Even when you listen to a harpsichord or organ, you feel like you're listening to the notes through a filter.


Wow, didn't think I would've got a response that quick, but yeah. I play in open D a lot. Didn't the stones use open G? I learned open D from playing Elliott Smith songs mainly, and maybe a couple Bob Dylan ones, like Corrina Corrina (his version of). Can't really say it's any easier, I'm probably just a shit musician.


yeah, the stones used open G, but I mostly play fingerstyle folk stuff

something like this


i have played in open G enough to really know the fretboard and my ear is attuned to what my hand should be doing. the only downfall is that i only play in the key of G.


Still waiting on my sweet OP

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