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Weird, jazz, tribal rock… Unlistenable. Honestly it's pretty depressing that this rambling junk masquerading and, "innovative", or, "experimental", is most of what seems to get posted here. Listen to something with a melody at least. It's not even ambient or anything, and the instruments used are also just standard band fare. It's not like some totally wild, ethereal thing even. Holy shit it's bad. I'm listening to it while writing this.


It's just a cool drum solo, dude. And then it does have a melody. Christ. Never heard free jazz before I guess.


First song (Drum only):
Too empty. What little melody there is in form of the pitched drums is basicaly Gamelan music, but far worse.

Second song:
Like a very drawn out jazz solo. Nothing impressive or particularly innovative.

Third song (non-jazz-like):
Decent, I guess. Still not very cohesive and there isn't much of an arc.

Stopped listening after that.
The first two songs are completely outshined by proper music in their respective genres. The third song is mediocre.


It's not a solo, there's fuckin random guitar chords and shit in the background. What melody it does manage to have is fuckin messy and rambling. If you like listening to random shit for forty minutes at a time, it's good for you. Giving droning noise a name like, "free jazz", doesn't elevate in anyway. I like something that I can actually remember two seconds later because it has some cohesion to it.


gotta say, i agree here. i like melodic stuff first and foremost. interesting harmonies are great, but they have to support a good melody. melody is king.


you have bad taste and you should feel bad


File: 1534860076384.jpeg (93.37 KB, 800x599, ctyp_hipster.jpeg)

If you consider liking postmodern drivel that doesn't follow any of the established musical structural principles that have been developed over the course of hundreds of years and anybody with even a rudimentary undestanding of music can appreciate good taste, then all the more power to you.


A theory nerd and someone who at least admits they're talking about taste argue about taste. They are arguing about taste and as such are both wrong.

I'm enjoying this, even after noticing the story behind it, which reveals that the bassist was fucking around and intentionally trying to ruin the performance. So yeah, definitely goes against theory. Pretty curious what that really implies though. No one can deny the usefulness, historical importance and objectivity of music theory, but I'll let anyone invested expand on that their own as it relates to taste in a meaningful way if they can.

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