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Goddamn 1959


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>not 1973


Relistening to Black Saint And The Sinner Lady a few days ago, and it's absolutely my least favorite Mingus. Why's it so popular? It seems a lot less intimate than the other ones I've heard, the big band style kind of makes it seem anonymous. I dunno musikchan, what do you think?


Been listening to a lot of jazz that has left me underwhelmed, actually… I checked out the Mahmoud Guinia/Pharoah Sanders collaboration "The Trance of Seven Colors" and felt their styles didn't really blend. Listened to this (https://www.allmusic.com/album/bill-mchenry-quartet-feat-paul-motian-mw0000694939) with high hopes thinking it'd be a super spacey Ornette Coleman deal, but it sounded kinda sloppy and lazy to me somehow. On the other hand, I've been enjoying Jimmy Giuffre, George Russell, and was surprised how good this was (https://familyvineyard.bandcamp.com/album/and-thats-the-story-of-jazz)

Any recs or opinions on any of these albums/artists?


>2 album wonder

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