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  3. Do not post or link to malicious content.
  4. Do not post NSFW (Not Safe For Work) or shocking content.
  5. Do not personally attack other members.
  6. While not entirely forbidden, shitposting is frowned upon outside of /chill/. Shitposts are intentionally low quality posts that do not contribute to a discussion.
  7. Do not derail discussions without good reasons. This rule is relaxed in /chill/ as long as it does not disturb a serious existing discussion.
  8. Do not attempt to use any scripts for automated posting.
  9. No raids allowed. Do not associate a raid with MusikChan.
  10. Do not attempt to impersonate the staff or administration team of MusikChan.
  11. Do not advertise commercial products, for-profit websites and/or other imageboards on MusikChan. You may advertise live streams and other things of that nature within reason.
  12. Do not create or derail threads. Image dumps are generally okay, as long as they don't take over the board.
  13. No GETs/dubs/trips/quads/quints, posts ending ins, etc.
  14. No posts containing "durr this site sucks" and nothing more. Constructive criticism is always welcome, however.
  15. Hit and run threads advertising your own music will be deleted. Post your music in the appropriate threads. This rule may be relaxed for regular posters.
  16. Ban evasion will result in a permanent ban with no exceptions.
  17. Do not post personal information (dox) in a malicious manner.
  18. Posting of personal information or pictures of MusikChan staff will result in an immediate ban and deletion.
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